The World of Weird and Fashionable Jewelry: 10 New Styles to Explore


While it’s basically impossible for jewelry to be boring, we completely relate to the times when you really wanted to switch things up and go outside the box.

Fashion daredevils know how to perfectly reconcile the standards of modern aesthetics with the weird and funky designs that a lot of people will think twice about wearing. But uniqueness is a welcomed aspect of fashion. After all, there are individuals who love to stand out and be known for their stark difference.

And if you’re ready to jump into the world of weird and fashionable jewelry, then let this guide help you in becoming a jewelry trailblazer. Here are 10 new weird and quirky jewelry styles for you to explore:

  1. Diamond Glove Anchored Ring

We’ve all heard of layered rings where you would stack individual rings on the same finger to get the full design effect. But have you heard of glove anchored ring where your whole hand is adorned with beautiful sparkling diamonds?

Anchored hand rings are slowly rising into popularity as more fashion designers use this particular style on runways. This type of jewelry design involves intricate webbings of metal that will encase your hand along with strategic placements of precious stones or gems to make it look like they are simply sitting on top of your hand.

Take it to a casual day out or a fancy gala ball at night, this jewelry will surely become a talking point.

  1. Silver Nose-to-Eyelid Jewelry

Do you want to strike fear whenever someone stares at you? Well, you might just do that when you wear this jewelry.

Facial jewelry is not a new concept but almost all of them are made for pierced skin. Clip-on is usually reserved for nose rings but for this design, it is completely elegant and just as striking.

The nose-to-eyelid jewelry follows the natural curve of your face from both eyelids down to your nose bridge. This results in a beautiful and unique jewelry piece that you can wear on its own or use to highlight a bold makeup look.

  1. Hand Mold Ring

Modern jewelry, when mixed with contemporary art, is such an eerie thing to see —and we’re completely obsessed with it.

If your goal is to make someone double take when they pass you, then you’re definitely getting it with a hand mold ring. This unique design of cheap wholesale jewelry features a three-finger ring that shows…well, fingers. Above the ring sits a life-sized metal sculpture of fingers that looks like they’re holding your hand. Quite extraordinary, no?

  1. Vine Ear Climbers

Ditch your chandelier statement earrings for a more unique style yet just as attention-grabbing. These vine ear climbers are incredibly exquisite that will pair with almost any of your outfits.

For this style, a crowd favorite is the combination of a large emerald stud with gold accents curling up your ear. The best part? You don’t need any additional piercings aside from what you already have!

  1. Metal Crumpled Cuff

Bracelets can be quite unnoticeable especially when you’re wearing an eye-catching necklace and earrings. But with this design, anyone would certainly be drawn to it. As some of the fashionable ladies say: If you do not wear a fashion bracelet such as a metal crumpled cuff nowadays, then you are not in today’s fashion world.

Give your outfit a flair of spunk and edge with an oversized metal crumpled cuff. The avant-garde feel of the design would certainly turn the most basic outfits into an elevated look. Opt for a solid gold or silver metal finish to highlight this design.

  1. Terrarium Necklace Pendant

Sometimes, the uniqueness of jewelry is set on its subtlety. Take this beautiful terrarium necklace pendant for example. At a distance, you might think it’s a simple green bulb pendant. But when you take a look up close, it’s a breathing thing filled with minuscule live plants.

But don’t worry about keeping the plants inside because they’re self-sufficient! If you’re still worried about it, then you can get a terrarium pendant with fake plants.

  1. Painted Ceramic 3D Brooch

You don’t really see a lot of people wearing brooches these days but the new designs that the jewelry industry puts out will surely convince you to get one.

We particularly like 3D ceramic brooches that are hand painted to your liking. Since it’s customizable, you can get as weird as you want to fit your own style. Also, ceramic brooches are much more versatile and won’t look too formal when worn over casual clothing.

  1. Mother of Pearl Unravel Bracelet

Bracelets are the perfect jewelry type to explore unique and unusual designs. When mixed with the science and art of architecture, it turns into this beautiful piece that isn’t anything like it.

Take this unraveled bracelet for example. The body is made of a thin cuff that coils around your wrist until it widens into several twists and turns on top of the bracelet. This corsage-like arrangement makes this particular design the best jewelry to wear on formal occasions. Plus the mother of pearl embellishment really takes this style up to a notch.

  1. Diamond Pavé Face Framers

If you want to wear a crown or tiara to elevate your jewelry style but don’t want to look too princessy for the occasion, face framers are excellent alternatives. Dare we say it —the even better jewelry style.

Face framers are worn along the outline of your face. Typically, they’re made of solid metal to increase the contrast between your skin and the jewelry material. But these diamond pavé face framers bring so much elegance and design that you’d definitely choose this over a plain one.

To emphasize the jewelry more, wear your hair in an updo or a tight ponytail to expose the outline of your face.

  1. Gold Coral Earrings

If you want your jewelry style to stand out more, then here’s a tip from us. Don’t wear multiple earrings just to look more accessorized. Eventually, all the layering would look the same even if you’re wearing cool pieces.

So invest in standalone earrings that are more unique in design and style that don’t need to be layered to be extra. Take these gold coral earrings for example. It mimics the abstract structure of corals and the branches follow the natural shape of your ear for that maximum styling effect.

Wearing a singular striking piece would always look more well-put when you’re trying bolder designs.

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