4 Quick Tips About Jewelry Fashion for Any Gender

In the 17th century, French noblemen wore necklace collars decorated with bows. The Romans wore multicolored gemstones. And pirate folklore insists that captains pierced their ears with gold hoops.

Jewelry is genderless. You should wear any and all types of jewelry that you want. In fact, many of the hottest jewelry fashion trends are androgynous and suit people of all genders.

But if you’re used to wearing only feminine or masculine jewelry styles then you may be unsure of how to style these pieces. Don’t worry! These jewelry-wearing tips will teach you how to wear jewelry and style it regardless of gender.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Colored Metals

Gone are the days when you had to stick to yellow, silver, or copper-colored metals only. One of the latest jewelry trends across the gender spectrum is to wear jewelry made from different metal alloys.

Instead of wearing only yellow gold, you could wear white and yellow gold rings with rose gold necklaces. Do you often wear all-silver jewelry? Add a matte black-painted bangle to your look with your silver rings.

2. Learn How to Wear Layered Necklaces

Layering three necklaces is one of the hottest jewelry fashion trends. But you need to choose the right chains with the right lengths. Otherwise, you’ll look like you were trying to pull off this trend and failed!

Start with a collar-length plain chain necklace. Then, add another plain chain necklace which is a little longer and has a different style of chain link. You can top off the layered look with a pendant necklace that should hang a little lower than the others.

Choose unique pendant designs like medallions or zodiac symbols for a true genderless style.

3. Opt for Chunky Bangles and Signet Rings

Delicate bracelets with charms are a little too feminine. Chunky chain link bracelets are a little too masculine. But chunky bangles are the Goldilocks of wrist jewelry that all genders can pull off!

Choose clean, thin bangles for a minimalist aesthetic. Or, you can pick bangles with ornate patterns. Team your bangle with a signet ring that has a gemstone in the middle for the perfect androgynous jewelry pairing.

4. Pearls and Piercings Aren’t Only for Girls

Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, A$AP Rocky… Many of the biggest male celebrities of the moment are wearing pearl jewelry. This proves that gendered jewelry is a societal construct that these notable figures are helping to break down.

Wear a pearl necklace or pearl drop earrings with pride the next time you attend a fancy event.

More and more men are piercing their ears and noses too. If you’re into piercings, opt for little huggy rings. They are easy to wear and keep in every day but will also make a fashion statement.

Genderless Jewelry Fashion Tips To Help You Look on Trend

Jewelry fashion doesn’t change as fast as clothing fashion. It’s worth spending more on quality pieces. And now you have these jewelry tips, you will know how to style your collection no matter your gender.

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