Best choice of thread for serger

Best choice of thread for serger


An overlock machine is mandatory to posses when you have decided to dwell on tailoring industry. An overlock machine makes your projects fast and easier. This overlocking machine is also called as serger in the industry. Serger is ideal to sew seam, seam finish and cut down the excess seam allowance.  When it comes to employing serger, make sure it is properly set up, once you finish setting up the machine you can get best stitching results. The thread on the machine should freely pass through its path with zero disturbances. Choosing the Machine Overlocking Thread is a crucial task. In general, a unique kind of thread is used on serger which is consistent in its diameter. If you are newbie using serger, then exploring this article enlightens you about the thread used for this machine.  

Arrangement of thread in serger is quite complicated than then normal sewing machine. When the threads you have chose is unreel and irregular on serger, then it is hard to expect evenness in stitch formation and it may cause thread breaks, often needle breaks. Serger threads are often comes in cones with the length of 3000 to 5000 yards length. Serger cone threads are suggested as they can create even, consistent stitches than the regular thread used for normal sewing machines.

  • Decorative threads are also available for serger but it is not the best choice that people have. When you have no other option than decorative threads, then it is better to take extra care while stitching since the chances are high that they can create a mess.
  • Threads are available on various materials and your choice of materials always defines its caliber. Depends on the material you are trying to work on, you should select the material of thread. When you want to overlock on thicker fabric or working on any sportswear, swim wear or lingerie then nylon or wooly nylon is one of the best choices you have. If you are working on soft materials, cotton serger thread is more than enough.
  • Cost of the thread is also important when it comes to buying it. Cost may differs from every seller but it is better to stick to the best option you have. Compare the cost with various sellers before buying it.
  • Color of the thread is prominent thing to look after. If you are a novice, make sure you have the basic colors on serger thread. It is basic to own four serger cone thread on white color, two on dark colors and few on intermediate colors.

When the traditional shops have limited options and reduce the probability of finding the best option, then it is time to check out the online shopping market. They are simple, dependable and with short span of time, you can easily pick out the well suited one. Make use of the online reviews before buying serger cone thread on online shopping market.


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