How to remove stains from T-shirts

Spills and stains are uncertain. The clothes that we love to wear are more likely to get damaged by a forever lasting stains. T-shirts are a bit harder to get rid of the stain, well you can’t stop wearing your desired clothes due to the fear of spoiling them.

There are various stains that you can remove on your fingertips using life-saving hacks.

Red Wine

You are in a get-together or in a party, and accidentally red wine gets spilled over your plain white classic t-shirt or other tops, the salt will rescue you. Cover the stain immediately with the salt and wait until the salt gets stained pink, then soak the stained fabric in cold water and wash it as usual. That will fix it.

Juice Stains

Eating or drinking the fruits juice and accidentally it gets spilled on your clothes. Don’t worry about the stubborn stain; just cover the stain with laundry detergent and gently rub the stain. Let it set for 20 minutes and then wash it with mild warm water. It will remove the juice stain from the cloth without spoiling the T-shirt design [ออกแบบเสื้อยืด, which is the term in Thai] nor affecting the color.

Coffee/Tea/Tomato Stains

To banish the stains of coffee tea, and tomato spills, Vinegar is the matter of all. Soak the stained fabric in the mixture of vinegar 1/3 cup and 2/3 cup of water and soak it for a while and then launder as usual. The stains of tomato, coffee, or tea will vanish. You can also use these remedies for removing the mustered stains without spoiling their appearance.

Protein Stains

Protein stains include milk spills, sweat, and blood. To remove such stains, saturate the stained area with vinegar and scrub the stain with salt. Let it rest for a while and then wash it as regular laundry. Remember not to wash the protein stains with hot water as it may cook the protein components and let the stain last forever.

Ink Stains

Though the ink stains are known for their stubborn effect on the fabric. You can remove than using two requirements. Get a hairspray and spray it in one the ink stain and dab it with vinegar to make sure it gets off your clothes. Let it sit for few minutes and wash it as usual.

Iron Scorch Marks

Iron scorch marks are said to be the worst and long-lasting shade on the cloths, but you can reverse them while following few steps without affecting the T-shirt design. First, soak few cotton balls in vinegar and dab the vinegar soaked cotton on the scorch marks and then blot the affected area with a clean rag. This process may take a few trails according to the degree of scorch marks.