Best Standing Desk: Autonomous Versus Jarvis

Standing desks are a popular product for professionals in the working world today. As ergonomic furniture has grown more useful and obtainable, the companies at the heart of the industry have only improved the designs of popular desks. The traditional desk offers little in comfort and support, not to mention taking up a ton of space. Everything about a standing desk makes it appealing, from health benefits to overall design and style. Looking to obtain a standing desk? It’s likely Jarvis and Autonomous are two names that have come up in online searches. So, which option is best when it comes to features, cost, and visual design?

Jarvis Standing Desk

The Jarvis Powder Coated Standing Desk comes up a lot in searches for ergonomic office furniture. It features a sleek design and offers a wide variety of customization options to appeal to any sort of style or feature a user may want. The ability to build the desk and add costs on as an individual sees fit is great, but its baseline product does start at a hefty $400. That might be out of the price range of some, especially those fronting the cost for an at-home business. So, what does Autonomous offer?

Autonomous SmartDesk 2

Three designs and styles are featured in the line of Autonomous SmartDesk 2 products. With a DIY edition that comes with only the base, a business edition for quality fit for any office, and a home edition that saves space and a bit of money sitting in the middle, Autonomous has mastered standing desk technology. The SmartDesk 2 supports up to 300 lbs of equipment, allowing for total trust in the desk as its electronic mechanism moves it up and down to meet the needs of the user. Not to mention, four programmable positions are easy to find at the touch of a button, meaning a sitting position and standing position are only seconds away – and totally hassle free. Not to mention, the most expensive option of the SmartDesk 2, the Business Edition, is less than the Jarvis’ base product. That means better quality for less money.

Shop for a full line of SmartDesk 2 models and designs. The brand is perfect for an at-home office, or traditional workspace.