What Type Of Alexandrite Earrings You Should Choose For Your Wedding?

“Something borrowed, something blue.”

You will relate to the adage above if you are a traditional bride. When you have to find something “blue”, it should be part of your plans for the wedding. And if you are stuck on what to wear for jewelry at your wedding, you could consider alexandrite earrings and necklaces as a statement piece to flaunt.

Such jewelry pieces are excellent options to buy and invest in, because they add a pop of color to a white wedding and can last for many years to come- long after the wedding is done. Let us help you look for the same; we have many timeless and chic alexandrite jewelry for you to check and browse. Each piece is unique and one of a kind and would make your day memorable and extraordinary too.

Why choose jewelry which is blue or bluish toned for the wedding?

Many reasons to be honest with you. To begin with, it is a color which pops out and makes the bridal look exceptional. The piece of jewelry on you would withstand time, years after your wedding day. You can also pass it down to the next generation and future brides of the family.

The jewelry we make is highly customized and fits any style. You could be wearing a mermaid gown, a ball gown or a princess gown to your wedding- our alexandrite jewelry would match them all. With a touch of blue on you, you can flaunt a certain amount of flair for your wedding.

Choose the best earrings

Your choice could be dangling earrings or studs; either way, the jewelry pieces will be gorgeous and not too flashy- you also would be able to incorporate something blue in your wedding. With varying styles, a unique touch would match your wedding trousseau and your hairstyle. Look at some of the trending styles for earrings below.

  1. Stud earrings

Stud earrings always have a unique glow, with a dropped sterling metal charm feature added on. It is the unique shape of the settings which the earrings display which makes your look dazzle on the big day. Stud earrings make a statement, so wear it with a subtle neckpiece and a subtle bracelet.

  1. Sapphire studs

If you want to incorporate sapphire studs on your earrings, may we suggest you look at the padparadscha sapphire for sale from us and then make a decision? Although not blue, a rose gold hue will not take away the charm of your beautiful wedding dress on your big day. But if you want studs with a hint of blue- choose alexandrite stones.

  1. Drop hoop earrings

Most women and girls love flashier earrings, making them a perfect choice to wear at weddings. And when paired with the right material, you get to dazzle away on the big day. Dangling earrings can work well with any wedding dress style.

So here is everything you need to know about Alexandrite Earrings and how to add a touch of blue to your wedding.

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