Best Acoustic Guitar Under 200: Hot Choices

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 200: Hot Choices

So you’re hunting for a low-priced guitar! Perhaps, you’re just trying your hands on the instrument as a beginner. Maybe, you’re an intermediate or advanced player and wish to add an affordable instrument to your list. No matter the reason, low-priced guitars are there to cater to your needs. However, you should be diligent when choosing a guitar in the affordable price range because many low-priced guitars just don’t deliver. You can resolve this issue and still have the best acoustic guitar under 200 dollars by checking popular brands listed below.

Jasmine S35 dreadnought guitar

Jasmine guitars carry a reputation of being the most affordable instruments from the Takamine brand. However, a low price doesn’t mean that the instrument is inferior. In fact, the S35 matches many high-end guitars in certain respects. With a select spruce top and Nato sides and back, the Jasmine S35 is able to produce clear sounds. Although designed for beginners, the S35 model is ideal for guitarists of all levels.

Yamaha FG700S solid top dreadnought

It’s a popular guitar meant for beginner players. Featuring a solid spruce top and Nato neck and sides as well as the back, the instrument is priced in the economy range to fit the budget of all types of users. With a full and warm sound, the FG700S really sounds great as you play the instrument. Many users consider this model a better option for instruments that cost twice its price.

Fender FA-100 dreadnought guitar

While Fender is well-known for offering electric guitars, it also provides low-cost acoustic guitars. With a laminate spruce top and basswood sides and back, the FA-100 fits perfectly in the hands of players. It’s a nice, simple, and great sounding guitar that offers a lot more than its price. Whether you need an instrument to pull out at a campsite, a party or road trips, the FA-100 is a perfect entry level guitar.

Rogue RA-090

It’s a dreadnought guitar particularly designed for absolute beginners, young musicians and anyone with a really tight budget. With a laminate top, sides and back, the instrument looks great and work fine in the hands of players. Despite being the most affordable guitar, it’s a proper playable instrument. The sleek design and acoustic additions give the illusion of a high-end instrument. This is why many intermediate and advanced guitarists use it when perfuming on stages.

Ibanez IJV50

With Agatha sides and back and a laminate spruce top, the IJV50 is presented as an acoustic guitar jam pack. It includes a chromatic clip-on tuner, gig bag, accessory pouch and picks, and guitar strap. Priced in the lowest range, the IJV50 is an ideal solution for beginners searching for a complete package.

Bottom line

Choosing the best acoustic guitar under 200 dollars can be a daunting chore, thanks to the existence of so many models out there. However, it’s easy to get rid of this chore by exploring top-rated acoustic instruments. Check out the above acoustic guitars priced in the economical range, and you could pick the perfect one matching your specifics.

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