What to Consider When Shopping for a Necklace


Necklaces are some of the most common jewelry worn by women. There are different styles and designs of necklaces you can shop for depending on your budget. So, what should you consider the most when shopping for a quality necklace?

Whether you are buying your own star necklace or looking forward to buying some cool design for your loved one, you can go through this simple guide to buying a quality necklace before making that move. Here is what you should consider when buying a new necklace.

1. Material 

The first and most important factor to consider when buying a new necklace is the quality of the material. Necklaces are made of different materials like gold, diamond, bronze, marble, and silver. It’s your dress code, occasion, and budget that will determine the type of necklace material you opt for. Gold and diamond necklace and some of the most expensive designs you’ll find when shopping online. 

Your skin type will also determine the choice of necklace material. If you have highly sensitive skin, you want to avoid any metal that is rich in copper to stay away from dermatitis. You should also avoid sterling silver, gold-plated, and rose gold necklace because they have high copper content. Most gold-plated jewelry contains nickel, which can often cause a reaction if you have sensitive skin.

2. Style 

The second step to choosing an ideal necklace is going for your style. Once you’ve picked a favorite material for the necklace, you should choose a style that matches your taste and dressing code. You’ll come across a variety of necklace styles in the market. You want to choose between pendants and chains. Pendant chains are the most preferred because they come in different designs and styles. 

They have a slim chain with some unique designed items at the center. Chain necklaces are quite long and of the same length all across. Different styles of necklaces fit on different occasions. So, before choosing a necklace, you should determine which one is the best for the occasion. 

3. Length 

Gold chains and necklaces come in different lengths. Most people prefer short necklaces that hang down below the collar or just above the chest line. Your choice of ideal necklace length depends on your dress code. A typical necklace length ranges from 12-36 inches. 

You can always shop around for the right length necklace depending on what you want to wear. A silver-star necklace within 16-18 inches of length makes you stand out for a first date dress.

4. Design 

It is also vital to consider the design of your necklace before pulling it out of the counter. In most cases, the material or metal used in making the necklace determines its style. You should choose a design that matches your outfit and other sets of jewelry like earrings and gemstones. Most people prefer diamond solitaire necklaces because they match most outfits and styles.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve set your budget and you are ready to make that move for some high-quality necklace, you should not forget this buying guide by your side. 

The most important factors to consider when shopping for a quality necklace are the design, material, length, and style. Always know your taste and preference before walking inside a jewelry shop.