Unique corporate gifts that will make you a hit in your office

You have succeeded in your personal life and it is time to concur the professional world. Everyone loves receiving gifts and everyone loves the one that presents them with the gifts. There arise numerous occasions that require to you treat your office mates with presents. Whether you are the boss or an assistant or a regular employee, this list will help you decide on a gift to impress your colleagues. After all, happy colleagues make a happy corporate life. Here are some ideas for unique corporate gifts online.

  • Sundial Compass

Look at this vintage beauty! You might be tempted to just keep it for yourself but hold on, gifting this to your colleague would earn you some appreciation and that makes this compass worth giving. What makes this compass even more unique is that it can be personalized. You can even choose a motivational quote to get engraved on this brass compass. Give them the compass to make sure they always go in the right direction and never stray from their path.

The wooden calendar is handcrafted and would look perfect on a work table. Manually change the days and months by shifting the wooden blocks. This calendar will remind them that they should always be ready to seize the day. Indeed, a great gift idea for employees.

  • Bamboo Wine Box

No whine, only wine. That should be the new motto of the corporate works as we know how tough it can get. The Bamboo wine box is extremely personalized and you have the option to add anything you want on the top side of the box, you name it, they engrave it.

What’s better than wine? Chilled wine. It comes in a set of 6 cubes wrapped in a black velvet case box. This substitute for ice cubes will not disappoint any wine, whiskey or beer lover. The best part? They don’t dilute your drink so be as neat as you want.

  • Engraved Pen

This corporate gifts list would not be complete without the mention of the plain old gift – a pen. But hey, there is nothing plain of this engraved pen. Made out of rosewood, you can now get a personal message engraved on it. This is one present that would make any working person ecstatic.

To do or not to do. I know how hard making big work decisions can be. Haven’t you always wondered if someone else could make some decisions for you? Well, give this decision maker paper weight to your colleague and watch the burden lift off of their shoulders. It comes with the choices marked on the base and you just have to spin it to let it decide your fate.

If you have seen American Psycho, you must be aware that one has to be at the top of their business card game. So, gift your friend this beautiful card case and they will cherish it for life. The Inside of the holder is lined with black velvet while the outside has a shiny silver finish.

Select as many of these corporate gift ideas and become the fellow who gives the best corporate gifts. Check out FunBiz for more corporate gifts at wholesale prices that’s sure to leave an impression.