Baby Gift Set: The Ultimate Guide on Creating New born Hampers

Gifting a newborn with hampers is one of the best choices to make. However, welcoming the newborn arrival and choosing a hamper in Singaporecan be challenging when you have no idea what to give to the new mum or newborn.

Whether you are an aunt, uncle, grandparent, godparent, or a family friend, consider including these six products for a hamper for a newborn.



If you need the ultimate gift idea, consider including this elephant-designed multi-purpose blanket in your newborn hamper in Singapore. It can function as a blanket, towel, and swaddle in one, giving the new mum the best of both worlds!



Nothing is more special than a handmade gift! In your newborn hampers, including this handmade crochet cat toy. This kitty can serve as a companion during their sleep.



Books may not be functional in the first few years of the newborn, but including them in a baby hamper in Singapore is still a good idea. This jungle puppet book can be a source of entertainment as this is highly interactive.



Another present to add to your newborn hamper in Singapore is a teether. This personalised teether chain is one of the best gifts to offer, giving you a chance to add the name of the newborn.



When getting a baby hamper in Singapore, remember to include the essentials. Consider giving this box of three reversible and saliva-absorbent bibs.



Considering the tropical weather in Singapore, this sleeveless romper is an ideal choice to add to your newborn hampers. The cute watermelon design is a bonus factor!

The arrival of a newborn is something to celebrate with the new parents. As a gift, you can choose to give these products, including any of them, or get a baby hamper set in Singapore. It’s the thought that counts and the functionality of the gift that matters the most.

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