The Handbag Trends We Hope Never Go Out of Style

Let’s face it: if pant pockets aren’t going to get bigger, women’s handbags need to keep up their cute and practical purpose. That is why 2022’s handbag trends are on point—they are versatile accessories for any occasion.

Backpack purses and designer handbags have stepped up their game this year to be all you need, regardless of whether you’re going on a hike or to Sunday brunch.

The sporty chic trend that allows for both comfort and style to go hand-in-hand has granted a resurgence of handbag sales.

But not just any handbag—practical ones where everything you need can hang comfortably off your shoulders.

As social activities continue to rise post-pandemic, you’ll want something that holds all your belongings while helping you feel confident and secure. Keep reading to find the perfect bag for your lifestyle.

The Best Handbag Trends

One of the biggest shifts we’ve seen in popular fashion is the mixing and matching of textures. Purses are a great way to achieve a textured look, especially if you’ve been cultivating your 2022 capsule wardrobe.

Summer is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to splurge on a good bag that you can take on a picnic, to the pool, or simply to the grocery store.

Check out these popular styles that can fit within anyone’s price range and style choices.

Crochet Textures

Nothing says summer more than a crochet pattern. These are incredibly versatile options—it can be as a tote, a bucket bag, or even a crossbody style. Better yet, the color options are endless.

Whether you like a neutral color scheme or want to wow your audience with a color pop, crochet textures can do it all.

2-in-1 Options

A multi-purpose bag makes for a great accessory, especially when traveling. Having something that can be either a tote or a backpack makes the transition from airport to date night a breeze.

The amount of pockets is also a plus with these options. The renzono reviews shows multiple compartments to keep your belongings organized and accessible at all times.

Accessories on Accessories

All of the trending purses right now have unique aspects to their exterior that up the ante for traditional handbag designs. Playing around with textures has never been so fun.

Adding chain details to an already vibrant bag brings a bold element to the look. If that’s not your style, then buckles or keychains can achieve a similar affect.

Go With Your Gut

When shopping, you want something that screams YOU. Don’t force popular trends onto yourself if it doesn’t seem like your style. Especially for handbag trends.

While purses can be adorable, it is more practical to find something that you will use and love for years to come. Trends come and go, so whether your style adheres to popular looks or not, be mindful of what looks cute versus what you’ll actually use.

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