Taking Care Of Your Personalised Jewellery

Body ornaments such as personalised jewellery can range from the most inexpensive items like necklaces and earrings to extremely luxurious art pieces suchlike a beautiful diamond ring. There are many reasons why these pendants can either be affordable or expensive, ranging from its origin (a gemstone) to its rarity (a one-of-a-kind diamond).

Customised jewellery insurance offers financial security for monetary losses that may occur due to damage or theft. Unfortunately, jewellery is most often excluded from average personal property insurance because it is so valuable, easily hidden, and can often be sold immediately following the theft or loss. That is why the best way to protect oneself and one’s jewellery and the only way to ensure an ornament remains in top condition is to take part in personal jewellery insurance.

There is nothing wrong with ensuring oneself from any abrupt damage or loss since it is already typical for such to happen. Such insurance is also comparable to life or car insurance—preservation for future circumstances.

When choosing which insurance company to purchase a jewellery inventory from, the first thing that an individual should do is determine how high a deductible they are willing to have. The higher the deductible is, the lower their monthly premium will be for the insurance plan. 

Be sure to look at several different insurance companies before deciding on one to purchase. Find out what kind of payment options are available and convenient, such as monthly payments, direct deposit, or a gift card to your favourite local jeweller. Also, seek what kind of restrictions there are on where the jewellery can be taken, whether it must be worn or stored at home, and what kind of documentation or appraisals their ornament must have before the insurance company will payout.

However, losing an adornment from theft or an accident is not the only thing that can occur. Like every human-made corporeal, these pieces can get old too.

Thereby, Charming created an infographic with all the helpful and practical tips on preserving personalised jewellery: