Suggestions to choose women’s shirts according to your girlfriend’s body shape

Everyone has a different form, and of course not everyone has the perfect body. Some people are too thin, look lacking vitality, some are a bit fat, make the shape of 3 rounds not standard, or who are too tall, which shirt to choose suitable and beautiful?

Just as your grandparents said, ‘There are no bad women, only women who don’t know how to be beautiful.’ If you know how to choose the right shirt, you can hide your shortcomings when wearing shirts on the office or on the street. Here are a few small suggestions from Danangsale to you.

Choose women’s shirts for short and petite

For those of you with a small body, modest height and weight, a wide form shirt is the best choice for you. But you should also be careful not to choose a shirt that is too baggy, because it will make you look small, in the middle of the item.

Babydoll-style shirts are also a reasonable choice for short and skinny girls because this shirt has a waistline that accentuates the body curves, making you look fuller and more attractive.

In addition, short-cut shirts or waist-top crop-top shirts are also a good choice for you, helping you ‘cheat your height’, looking taller than usual in the eyes of the other person. If your neck is a bit bone, you should pay attention to choose high-necked shirts or collars that will help conceal this defect.

The sleeve is also very important. You should choose ao so mi nu with bulging arms, loudspeakers, pinch-ups, or shoulder-padded shirts with a moderate sleeve length will help you become fuller and more beautiful.

Choose women’s shirts for ‘long legs’ girlfriend

For long-legged girls of ‘model’ height, a sleeveless shirt and pairing with palazzo pants or pants are a stylish choice. In terms of style, wide designs, or bat blouses will bring comfort, at the same time, also respect and help you look younger.

Choose a women’s shirt for a skinny girl

Thin girls should choose for themselves loose, loose-fitting shirts, so choose ones that are below the length of the buttocks to cover their egret’s body.

In addition, women who are thin often have a ‘modest’ round 1, so choose for yourself a high-necked shirt, a round neck will be very suitable to disperse this defect.

In terms of fabric, you should choose a shirt made with a slightly stiff fabric to create a full look while maintaining the look of the outfit while wearing, such as kate fabric. Besides, the porous and lace materials also help the body look fuller.

Choose a shirt for her ‘oversized’ weight

Those who have a little plump body should choose a shirt with dark colors such as black, dark blue, brown, which helps to lighten your white skin and help you cheat your weight, making you look slimmer. .

In terms of style, if you like sexy style, you can choose a V-neck shirt, or a deep-cut neck that enhances your full bust, and makes people less attentive to the waist and hips. The V-neck also helps you look taller and the top looks more elegant.

Another option for you is a sleek high – low shirt with the back flap longer than the front flap. The beautiful, youthful, stylish flannel shirts and skirts make your friend feel much thinner. With this shirt she can completely choose bright colors without having to worry about her oversized body.

If you like a simple style, choose for yourself a round neck shirt with sleeveless sleeves and a hem. In this way, the shirt will create natural bulging in the abdomen and arms. This detail hides and helps her no longer shy about her plump body like big biceps.

Choose a shirt for her small breasts

Small breasts are not necessarily a defect because there is always a suitable ‘partner’. However, the small breasts make many girls feel inferior and difficult when choosing the shirt outfit.

However, you don’t need to worry, choose shirts that are just the right width and standing, and combine with accessories to help flatter your bust to help you look fuller. And finally, please be careful not to choose a tight-fitting shirt or a full-round shirt, you will accidentally reveal your flaws.

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