Reasons to Choose Neutral Colors for Baby Clothes and How They Affect Baby’s Development

Neutral colors blend with other shades and don’t stand out. This sounds boring and does not offer justice to these subtle shades.

Let’s understand and learn more about neutral colored baby clothes.


In neutral colored clothes, baby looks flattering, classic, and elegant. These are ideal baby gifts and best hand-me downs. Neutral color is never out of style and so makes the wearer look good.

Simple colors – Minimal style

Neutrals appeal parents because dressing the baby seems simple and hassle-free [without any fuss]. For example, you dress the baby daily early in the morning, before enjoying a cup of coffee. Your brain is still not awake, so all you need to do is pull any top or bottom from the drawer, and dress the baby without any concern, because anything suits with everything. Dressing gets done and the baby looks adorable, neutral colors even feel soothing. Soft earthy tones give a natural feel, which suits every kids and babies.

Blend neutrals with different colors

On special occasion, you can add a layer of cuteness. Dress neutral attire with accessories like collar, bow or bib. Choose a contrast shade or same tone.

Neutral colors that make babies look elegant

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Cream
  • Navy tan
  • Silver

For more color choose top or bottom or an accessory with great saturation. Black, cream, and white make an ideal canvas for splash of green, mustard, blue, pink, or any shade you like.  

How neutral colors affect baby’s development?

Color needs to be considered, while designing kid’s space. Color plays a crucial role in the rooms overall aesthetics as well as mood, behavior, learning, and productivity. Newborn babies can primarily see neutral shades like white, black, and grey.

Therefore, a room with monochrome color scheme full of contrasting shapes and patterns offer newborn babies the best kind of visual stimulation. According to doctors, stronger chromatic signals mean faster brain and visual development.

So, create a monochrome nursery for first few months of baby’s life to offer a visually stimulating environment. It helps to enhance the baby’s curiosity and attention span and at the same time improve memory and develop the nervous system.