A Guide to Playing the Dragon Ball Trading Card Game

Since their arrival in the 1980s, trading card games (TCG) have stood the test of time, with firm favourites like Pokemon and Dragon Ball remaining at the height of popularity, and with millions of players worldwide, more and more people are looking to join in the fun and play these addictive games online. If Dragon Ball has your initial interest, you are in for an amazing journey as your character battles it out with others, and in order to best prepare you, here is a guide to playing the Dragon Ball Trading Card Game.

  • Two Player Game – The Dragon Ball trading card game is a two player game and each player has 1 Leader card and 50 extra / battle cards. The leader card is your core card and the battle cards contain a host of amazing battle characters with anime illustrations. The extra cards allow you to control the action and build on your game strategies, which is a vital component to winning. You can play Dragon Ball trading game online, which allows you to pit your wits against people from all over the world.
  • Its All About Lives – At the outset of the game, both players have 8 lives, and these can be either added to or taken away, depending on the outcome of the battles. There is a high level of skill involved, particularly when selecting the battle cards (only one can be played at a time), and you can buy Dragon Ball super cards online, which will be invaluable when developing your strategy skills. Once a player has zero lives, they are automatically the loser, and games can go on for quite a while, as players recover from the brink of defeat, often to win!
  • Beginning the Game – When both players each have a full deck of 50 cards, they place their leader card face up in active mode and the deck is placed face down and the player draws 6 cards, which is their hand. You have one chance to redraw by returning any number of your cards, shuffling and redealing the hand. Next, you place 8 top cards from your deck face down onto the board, which you are not allowed to see, and then one player starts the game.
  • Three Phases – For each turn, there are 3 phases, which are: 1 – The Charge Phase, 2 –The Main Phase and 3 – The end Phase, which is handing the game over to your opponent to make his turn.

The rules of Dragon Ball Super Uno card game are very complex and you can download a copy for free from many Dragon Ball websites, and with lots of useful training resources available, you can soon become a very competent player. Some people play for long periods of time, while others might make a weekly adventure, and with online resources, you can buy cards and experience tutorials that will one day help you to become a very good player.