Pros & Cons of Using Hair Oil in Singapore

When buying hair products in Singapore, it is crucial to know their pros and cons. Otherwise, you might be applying things to your hair that are more harmful than they are beneficial. With that in mind, using hair oil follows the same rule.

Read this article to know more about the pros and cons of applying hair oil in Singapore.

Pros: Moisturises the Scalp

First, hair oil products contain various vitamins and minerals, which can aid in making your hair look better. Massaging your scalp using this item may help nourish your hair, promote hair growth, and maintain moisture.

Cons: Makes Hair Look Greasy

Like other products, such as scalp care shampoo, excessive use of hair oil may give your head a shiny appearance similar to someone with greasy hair. If your head produces adequate amounts of natural oil, applying this item might bring more disadvantages than advantages.

Consult a professional before buying and using hair oil.

Pros: Stimulates Hair Growth

As mentioned previously, using hair oil in Singapore promotes hair growth. The reason behind this benefit is that massaging your scalp with it improves blood circulation. Therefore, as oxygenated red blood cells enter your head, it brings more nutrients crucial to developing hair.

Cons: Excessive Use Can Lead to Problems

Aside from making your hair look greasy, excessive application of hair oil may cause more issues. For example, while it is capable of preventing dandruff, too much of it can encourage and worsen your problem.

Additionally, excess hair oil can lead to infections, such as seborrheic dermatitis. However, regular washing and moderate use can prevent problems from happening.

If you are unsure if using hair oil will be beneficial, consult an expert for advice before buying products.

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