4 Reasons Why Preserved Flowers Will Bring More Value For Your Money

Whether you’re buying a fresh flower online or a hydrangea bouquet in Singapore from a nearby florist, it’s time you consider buying preserved flowers. Why so? Preserved flowers should be your choice if you want a bloom to last longer while maintaining its complete natural appearance and radiance. Here are more reasons why buying preserved flowers will bring worth your money!

They are affordable options.

The average price for a bouquet today is around 60$ to 100$. The rates vary depending on what type of flower you’re buying. However, these bouquets can last up to a week. The average cost of preserved flowers in Singapore can be anywhere starting 40$ to 110$, and they can last you almost an entire year or longer!

They require little to no maintenance.

You might have a busy week-long schedule, and you forgot to water your flowers. The next thing you know, the precious flower has already wilted. It can be frustrating to keep up with its maintenance needs if you have a lot of things in mind. While fresh flower delivery in Singapore is often the most common choice, preserved blooms will last without watering down or exposing it to sunlight.

It suits any setting/occasion.

For any spots or areas where it’s not possible to adorn with fresh flowers due to out of sunlight’s reach and the continuous necessity of water, preserved flowers are an excellent choice! Preserved flowers don’t have the ability to attract insects, and it also suits people who are sensitive to pollen. So, if you think about buying preserved flowers in Singapore for a special occasion or decorating your home with them, today’s the perfect opportunity!

They are sustainable.

Preserved flowers promote more sustainability and reduce organic waste. Unlike fresh flowers (which amounts to significant floral wastage and where a pesticide is often a necessity), preserved flowers are a go-to choice if you want to help mother Earth!

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