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Magnetic bracelets – relief from arthritis

Modern medicine is only around 2200 years old. Does that mean that people living in the world prior to invention of modern medicine did not have access to any medical facilities at all? Far from it, one can say that the medical system of the ancient civilizations was an advanced one. You had various types of therapies like acupressure, Ayurveda, Unani, and so on. Magnet therapy was also a famous one at that time. The fact that it is effective even today speaks volumes of the intelligence levels of the people at that time. Today, people are gradually going back to their roots. Hence, you see a surge in the demand for magnetic bracelets and other pieces of jewellery. This serves as a dual effect because you have the therapeutic quotient to go along with the cosmetic aspect.

When the question is on jewellery, the principal metals that come to mind have to be gold, silver, or even platinum. Now, these metals are expensive. There is an alternative available in the form of titanium. This is an extremely light metal perfectly suited for making bracelets and watch straps. The link between titanium bracelets and magnetic therapy is that it is very easy to ember magnets in these bracelets thereby ensuring that you attach a therapeutic value to the cosmetic beauty. This should make the deal more attractive.

As magnetic therapy is gaining in popularity, the use of titanium magnetic bracelets is increasing on a daily basis. How can wearing magnets on your wrist help in providing relief from joint pains caused by arthritis? This is the question on the minds of various people. One can argue about modern medicine in a same way. How can consuming tablets cure injuries in the feet? Strictly speaking the tablets go into the stomach. Do they have special knowledge to reach the feet? Such arguments can be endless and baseless as well. The fact that people believe in magnetic therapy should be enough for this therapy to succeed.

This therapy works on the simple principle of creating a positive electromagnetic field that takes care of the negative field caused by the injury. The magnets can cause a minor change in the circulation of the blood whereby more oxygenated blood reaches the site of the injury. This helps in faster healing.

Magnet therapy can produce the relaxation feeling as the electromagnetic field serves in elongating and relaxing the soft tissues that surround the bones. Hence, you experience regrowth of the joint cartilages. The skin has a tendency of absorbing minute amounts of copper from the copper bracelets men wear in modern times. These minute amounts of copper provide the perfect impetus for the growth of these soft cartilages. Hence, you get great relief from arthritic pain. These patients go through excruciating pain even while doing things as normal as climbing stairs or holding glasses. They would welcome any therapy that promises to provide relief from the pain. Trying out magnetic therapy should not be harmful because of the lack of major side effects.