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5 Popular Brands of Womens Watches

There are a lot of great watches that catch the eye of women. Whether for casual wear or formal events, watches make a great addition to the collection. They can make for a great compliment to your style and overall appearance.

Great watches come from numerous brands, from Rolex to Citizen and Montblanc as well as many more. However, 5 select brands standout as recommendations for women. They are great brands on their own and feature some beautiful designs that make them a popular purchase at both physical and online stores.

Michael Kors

The rose gold Michael Kors watch has always been enjoyed by collectors and they are unsurprisingly, popular with women as well. It has a fixed bezel with Swarovski crystals. In addition, it has a chronograph with sub-dials displaying 60-second, 30-minute, and 24-hour measurements.


A brand for the modest, but high-end buyer, Skagen is a favorite among collectors. The brand does better than others, the ability to mix various depth of colors to give added character to their watches. They also feature a stainless mesh bracelet with a beautiful combination of colors.


The Movado’s all-gold appearance makes it standout when worn on the wrist. This is a bold addition that makes any woman wearing it feel like the star of the show. The watch features minimalist display and Swarovski crystal at the 12 o’clock position.


The Dior utilizes more elegant, playful colors such as pink that works well to draw eyeballs. It is one of the most expensive brands, and definitely something for the luxury buyer to consider. Some limited edition watches from the Dior collection are available at a reduced cost, so search for these if you are looking for a luxury purchase.


The Michele brand features watches with stainless steel bezel and diamonds. They are noticeable and tough to miss on the wrist of the wearer. The diamonds command a lot of attention, but the red logo decals at the 12 o-clock position and on the crown are also worth a mention.

The aforementioned watches are superb brands for collectors and enthusiasts for both genders. Some are affordable luxury watches found online, while others are more rare finds at auctions or from private sellers. They present designs that truly standout and make anyone proud to own them. Michele, Movado, Dior, Skagen, and Michael Kors watches can be found at numerous stores and websites.