Anarkali Suit -Bridesmaid is the next most important lady at a wedding, obviously after a bride. But trust me, her indispensability is quite incomparable as she is always the centre of the attraction even when she is not with the bride. The bride gets her due respect and importance for her assigned role, but the maid of honor has to earn her recognition in the huge crowd with her etiquettes of dressing.

When we talk about Indian weddings, a typical grand celebration is always expected. A full-fledged four-to-five day traditional ceremonies at a stretch are commemorated with great pomp and show. Decorations, entertainment, wedding outfits and much more create a blissful moment for the union of two bodies and one soul. With this elaborated occasions of rituals, customs and norms, the duty of the dearest best friend also get multiplied. Her collection of designer suits for various ceremonies gets deserving comments and appreciations at every step, but earning this could really be an arduous task at times.

So to get a better idea on how to impress everyone at your best friend’s wedding, here is a style guide for different Indian wedding ceremonies where flaunting Indian suits becomes a must:-

  • Roka ceremony/ Tilak Ceremony:-Roka ceremony is one of the most common and much-awaited ceremonies when Indian weddings are concerned. Holding the would-be-bride and the would-be-groom for the next couple of months (until the marriage date) for each other is an Indian tradition which augments the ceremonies of a wedding. Now at such an occasion, when nervousness and excitement, both are on a par, the soon-to-be-bride always needs her best friend to stand beside her.

For the bride’s attendant, it is just the beginning to showcase her fashion talent and to be particular at her dressing and not to steal all the attention of the groom towards her, she really needs to be as simple as elegant. A classic choice of a single color (white, peach, pink, lemon, firozi) anarkali suit with a designer touch, but not overdone best suits the roka/tilak occasion. Simplicity in terms of embroidery, elegance in terms of color and fabric and uniqueness in terms of the fashion jewelry are just enough to start with for a bridesmaid.

  • Engagement:-The lovey-dovey moments begin just after the roka ceremony, and soon the date of engagement is announced. Where the bride is still trying to adjust herself with the new loving bond, the lady attender gets active in choosing the best engagement outfit for herself which matches the occasion and her role flawlessly. So to attain an uber-chic outlook, a designer suit for women catches her attention. The heavy embroidery on the neck, sleeves, hemlines and dupatta with a full-flare cut is enough to turn the heads at the occasion. To accentuate the level of sophistication, the traditional jewelry such as hoop earrings are just perfect for the occasion.
  • Mehndi:- The engagement calls for the beginning of the 5-day grand celebration, and the best part for the bridesmaid is she gets complete room to flaunt herself in the best of outfits, even more than the bride. Mehndi is one of the occasions where the bride could go a little low with her style and the princess’s attendant can take complete advantage of the situation to gain the limelight. A green suit which is just perfect for the occasion could be donned to grace the ceremony which is embellished with stones just like a designer suit’s neck. Teamed up minimal jewelry but gracious smile and gorgeous mehndi design would definitely add the grace to the polished look.
  • Haldi:-Bollywoodis an epitome of Indian fashion so exploring abollywood anarkali suit offers a bridesmaid a plethora of options which she can choose from. For a simple yet rich look at the Haldi ceremony, a complementary yellow outfit becomes a must, and when the same could be designed in an anarkali style, it is unbeatable. Bollywood actress HumaQureshi has done complete justice to the combination of white and yellow designer suit which could be definitely adorned by the pretty woman at the ceremony. The daytime function complements the subtle look with minimal makeup and jewelry. The boat neck style with a thin line of embroidery at the neck and the waist is what you call “JUST PERFECT”.  

  • Sangeet:- The Sangeet ceremony is the most loved ceremony for all, getting drunk, dancing in the high heels, and having a blast is all that everyone wants from a wedding, but can the centre of attraction, our bridesmaid afford to ignore her look at this time? Obviously not! Well, red is a color which is highly associated with the Indian weddings, but somewhere it is more accorded to the bride, so this ceremony is the perfect time to use this color for her friend. A regal look in red, white and gold combination is a head turning look and the below-showcased anarkali suit is just the perfect example of it. Karishma looks ethereal in this unusual combination to which she added grace with her potli handbag.

  • Grand D-day:- The wedding day has an extravagant display of fashion couture, entertainment, food, decoration and what not. But the one who steals the entire show is the bride herself. And matching her flawless beauty is next to impossible on that day. But even then as the maid of honor gets captured in almost every frame, her wedding outfit needs to be affluent, classy and flashy in comparison to all other outfits. The latest designer anarkali suits are styled in full-length flares, in double layers, extended lengths to touch the floor and heavy embroidery work to match the occasion of wedding. So, choosing one of the bold and beautiful styles of designer suits would help you complement the bride yet not surpassing her.
  • Reception:- The reception party is yet again a time where one gets dressed to receive compliments. This is the time when your friend is no more your responsibility and you are all alone. This is the perfect time to notice men who appreciate you, so getting dressed to kill should be the main motive. The sassy style combined with utter panache is quite evident in the way KarishmaKapoor carries off her white anarkali suit with no dupatta. The long trail of buttons and minimalistic jewelry is just the perfect look one could follow for a reception party.

Classic styles, ethnic ceremonies and designer suits set the perfect combination for Indian wedding ceremonies. The bridesmaid needs to choose the best of the designs, colors, and fabrics which complement her figure and her incomparable panache.  Today, a plethora of anarkali suits with price range are offered at online websites which make the task much simpler, so selecting sophisticated patterns won’t be a great deal.

So start convincing your best friend today to get married as early as possible as you have got the perfect choices which might undermine her situation at times!