How to Measure Your Shoe Size Correctly?

Whether you are buying ladies shoes or men’s shoes, buying the right size is important. During some point of time, we would have experienced wearing odd sized shoes that were either too big or too small for us. This is a serious issueasthere’s a risk of potential injury. One should know their shoe size while purchasing shoes.This will save your time and help you avoid buying the wrong pair of shoes.

Follow the steps below to find out your shoe size.

Stick a Piece of Paper on the Floor with a Tape: Now you need to draw an outline of your foot to measure. Also, avoid doing this exercise on the carpet or any other surface that will lead to difficulty in drawing the outline.

KeepYour Foot Properly on Top of the Paper: You need to bend your leg slightly and your shin should be in front of your ankle. Try to place your foot perpendicular to any lines on your paper. You can even stand, sit on a chair or bend down.

Use a Pen or Pencil to Draw the Outline of Your Foot: While drawing the outline, you can wear the socks you are planning to usewith the shoes you desire to buy, but do not wear shoes.

The Length and Width of your Foot Has to be marked on the Paper: A marker has to be used to draw a straight line touching each side of the outline.

Take the Measurement of the Length of your Foot: Use a measuring tape or a scale to measure from the top to bottom. Note this number down. This number will mostly determine your shoe size.

Take the Measurement of the Width of Your Foot: Take the Measurements between the lines on the left and right sides and notethe number down. Many shoes are available in different widths, so this number will decide which type to buy.

3/16th of an Inch from Each Number Has to Be Subtracted: This is mainly to accommodate the small space between your actual foot and the line made by the pencil.

Buying a correct sized pair of shoes will not be a big deal now – irrespective of whether you want to buy nude pumps or nude wedges. The measurements taken literally come handy and it is worth following it as it gives no room for error while purchasing footwear. Therefore, it is advisable to go for measurements before buying a footwear.