Online Shopping

How to Expertly Buy Clothes Online (Easy Tips)

Ahh, online shopping, is there any better way to spend your chill out time than scrolling through the seemingly infinite amount of awesome clothing there is online? With all of us spending so much (maybe too much time) on our screens, it’s no wonder that the browsing process can get a little confused, overwhelming and downright stressful from time to time. If you’ve hit a roadblock with your online shop and you’re looking for a little guidance, keep reading for some expert tips and tricks to get it right, every time…

Understand your shape and your measurements

First things first, you need to have a full grasp on your body shape and your measurements. This is so crucial because, obviously, you can’t do any trying on when you’re shopping online. By having your height, waist, shoulder and hip measurements handy, you can be totally confident that the proportions of your next exciting clothing purchase will fit you seamlessly. This is going to save you so many trips to the post office, you have no idea!

Curate your favourite brands

Next, streamlining your search. The problem with online shopping is the sheer volume of options that you have available to you – it all gets so muddled so quickly, and before you know it that coat that you fell in love with from the store that you can’t quite remember is all sold out. Avoid disappointment and confusion by bookmarking your favourite brands which you know you can confidently shop from. Anywhere that has the cut, aesthetic or proportions that work for you (or have done on multiple occasions) is worth having a shortcut for when you’re searching for something specific.

Know where to browse

You can give your search even more direction by ensuring that you know where to look when you’re on the hunt for a particular piece. For example, if you want a wardrobe refresh or you’re looking for something to add some modern spice to your classic closet, you’ll want to stick to the new in section. This is where the freshest styles tend to live. Maybe you’re in the market for some seasonal pieces? Stick to curated winter or summer edits for materials and colours that suit the seasons perfectly. By navigating an online store thoughtfully and logically, you’re far more likely to wind up with something that you love and that works for you.

Sale watch for the savvy

For those who are shopping on a budget, try and take your time when you’re looking for pieces to invest in. Whilst not every piece that makes your heart beat faster is going to go for a discounted price, chances are, some will. Keep an eye on any sales or members events that can get you your dream clothing for a little less. This is one of the best things about mindfully shopping online, and once you master it you’ll be snapping up bargains like its nobody’s business!

Read the fine print

Finally, always read the fine print and always (repeat, always) consult the store policies. The fine print will have the item’s measurements, material composition and upkeep guidelines, all of which are incredibly important and very necessary to know before you go ahead and add it to your bag. And then you come to the big one, store policies. Some online stores don’t accept any form of returns, some are very flexible – you need to know which kind you’re ordering from before you spend your hard earned money. This will curb any dramas down the line, so do your homework for your own sake!

Ready to shop online?