Five of the Best Indian Dishes to Try in the UK

Indian cuisine is a go-to for a huge number of Brits, but it’s easy to get into the habit of sticking to what you know with your food order. Whether you’re going out for a meal with friends, or grabbing a takeaway for a cosy night in, here are five of the best Indian dishes to try in the UK. 

The Influence of Indian Food on British Culture

The UK has a long history with Indian food. Ever since British traders and bureaucrats in India discovered curry in the 18th century, Indian cuisine has constantly graced the tables of the nation. The first dedicated Indian restaurant, Hindoostanee Coffee House in Mayfair, opened all the way back in 1810, and curry houses have continually popped up around the UK ever since. 

5 Indian Dishes You Need to Try

Many people in the UK take the time to find the best curry houses in the country, and there are a number of restaurants that are worth travelling to specifically. Take this Indian restaurant in Bristol, for example – the best Indian dishes here are not only award-winning, but they can be healthy too! 

Some of the finest offerings throughout the UK include: 


With its thick, spicy sauce, the Jalfrezi is a hit with curry fans everywhere. Originating in Bengal, this dish will come with a main ingredient such as meat or fish, and be mixed with diced bell peppers, green chillies and lemon juice.


Combining elements of Gujarati and Persian cuisine, a Dhansak is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a sweeter dish. The lentils used throughout the cooking process make the Dhansak a thick curry that can be paired with a range of meats. 

Rogan Josh 

Famous in India’s Kashmir region, the Rogan Josh is a British pub and restaurant classic. Made with braised spring lamb, shallots, spices and authentic Kashmiri chilli, it’s no wonder that this dish is one of the most ordered on British menus. 

Chicken Tikka Masala 

One of the most frequently ordered dishes in British curry houses is the chicken tikka masala. This creamy, sweet dish is closely suited to British tastes owing to its little spice. If you do opt for this British invention, you can still choose more traditional Indian accompaniments for your meal – try a variety of naan breads, such as Peshawari, cheese or chilli to go alongside your main course.  

Dal Makhini 

A popular vegetarian option, Dal Makhini is a mixed lentil and whole spice dish that’s rich in protein. It is simmered overnight before being finished with a small touch of cream. Traditionally served at national holidays or family gatherings, the dish perfect if you’re looking for a meat-free choice. 

Whatever the occasion, Indian cuisine offers a range of options for just about everyone. From the reliable chicken tikka masala to the spicy Jalfrezi, you’re certain to find a curry that makes your mouth water. Next time you’re eating out or ordering in, make sure to try some of the dishes listed, and you’ll experience the very best that Indian cuisine has to offer!