Ask These 4 Questions To Your Wedding Florist Before Hiring Them

Floral arrangements have one of the most crucial roles in a wedding. According to Brides, an editorial website for anything and everything about marriage ceremonies, flowers have been part of ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian nuptials. These fascinating arrangements signify new beginnings brimming with happiness, fertility, and fidelity. Soon-to-be-wed women also carried a bridal bouquet in Singapore and other parts of the world to avert bad luck.

While purchasing and arranging your bridal blooms yourself is possible, it would be better if you ask a wedding florist to make them for you so you can focus on other areas of your ceremony. But before hiring one, consider asking the following questions first to see if they can make your wedding extra magical:

1. Do You Have A Portfolio I Can Check?

Like a graphic designer or an interior decorator, the portfolio of your florist will let you in on their capabilities as a floral arranger. You can also learn about their aesthetics by checking their past birthday or graduation flowers arrangements in Singapore.

2. Can You Work Within A Budget?

The ideal florist can make floral arrangements work despite having budget restrictions. They should be able to source lovely fresh flowers and get delivery services for them in Singapore without breaking their client’s banks.

3. Are My Preferred Flowers In Season On My Wedding Day?

As soon as you started planning your wedding, you may have thought of the perfect blooms for your ceremony. However, their availability depends on the season, and only your wedding florist knows if they can get them for your nuptials.

4. Which Flowers Would You Recommend For The Ceremony?

If your preferred flower is unavailable on your wedding day, your florist must be talented enough to provide a list of alternative options. They should find blooms that are identical or give off a similar mood to your chosen buds.

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