A Review of Ritani Rings

If you follow the diamond market, you’ll have heard of Ritani. They’re a major competitor in the online diamond market, but have you ever braved buying such an expensive item online? This article is here to outline the experience and give you some peace of mind.

So what’re the benefits of shopping online with Ritani?

Ritani offers a whole range of benefits for shopping with them online, including;

  • A lifetime warranty
  • Trade-ins and upgrades
  • A range of rewards, such as buying your engagement ring with Ritani will get you a huge choice of exclusive offers for the rest of your wedding.
  • Zero-interest finance options to make your payment as easy as possible.
  • Free shipping.

What’s the history of Ritani?

The brand of Ritani was founded by Harout Aghjayan in 1999. The company is now run by Brian Watkins, who was previously an executive at the Blue Nile. Over the last 16 years, Ritani has been rising through the jewelry community and have established that they’re a major competitor. The biggest part of Ritani that makes them stand out from the other competitors on the market is how they have managed to integrate their physical and online operations perfectly. With a nationwide network of partners, these keep the backbone of Ritani’s approach strong. They also cover the whole of the US, so it’s easy to find somewhere local to you.

What other brands do Ritani stock?

Ritani only sells their own diamonds, which are ethically sourced. They will only have the Ritani stamp of approval after rigorous testing and inspections and have been certified by either AGS or GIA- the two most highly respected gem laboratories in the world. Ritani also offers a specialised type of diamond called the Ritani Reserve Diamonds. These diamonds are only available in a round or a princess cut, and they are the highest precision cut diamonds. Because of this, these diamonds give the maximum amount of glitter and sparkle. Along with this, Ritani has a create-your-own feature which is incredible, with an easy to use interface that makes the process a dream for any user.

How do I know the quality is the same?

Every single stone that Ritani sell comes with a certification from either GIA or AGS, that will soothe your mind and let you know that you’re buying the real deal. Whilst many jewelry retailers make the same promise of quick delivery and high quality, but they may not deliver those promises. Ritani does not just advertise these promises, they stick to them, making sure every customer is delighted with their purchase and the service that comes along with it.

What about returns?

Every purchase with Ritani is covered by a 30-day returns policy. An item can be returned for any reason before this deadline with no charge and will be fully refunded once it’s been checked.

The fact is that Ritani is a high-end brand bringing ways to buy diamonds into the future. If you’re looking into online jewelry but have some reservations, hopefully this article will put your mind at ease.