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8 pairings every girl must have to maintain the correlation between beauty and fashion.

Understanding fashion and what will look good on you is quite an overwhelming task. You see celebrities dressed up in clothes and accessories which makes them look effortless. How badly do you wish to look great in your daily outfits?  Be what the reason we will help you look confident, sophisticated and beautiful in whatever you are planning to wear. So, get ready to rock with your newly acquired understanding about fashion.

Pairing one.

This outfit will help any girl look great. An outfit that you can wear to parties, dates and even work. A combination of sophistication and casual at the same time. Every girl needs a leather jacket in tan/black/ chocolate. Put on your white or any neutral coloured shirt underneath your rich chocolate brown coloured leather jacket. A pair of dark coloured jeans is what we want you to pick to add some highlight to your clothes put on your ballerinas in animal print. Make sure they have pointed edges to give you a sleek, fun yet a professional look.

Pairing two.

The next pairing, we will be talking about encompasses the Bohemian style of dressing and textures. It is always a favourite of fashion designers to dress their models in Boho style. That is what we will do now. Put on your Bardot style tiffany blue top. You can pair it with your tailored well fitted black trousers. For your feet choose your everyday comfy sneakers. A sling bag in moss green will add some colour and style to your dress.

Pairing three.

This combination is going to help you bag all the compliments. A laced white top tucked neatly underneath a pair of dark blue denim. The charisma to this outfit will be added when you put on your tailor-made black blazer. For your feet, we will be asking you to put on your boots that reach up to your knees. Tan-brown boots in cowboy style are what will look the best.

Pairing four.

We will bring a twist to the classy white here.  Put on your white button-down shirt and tube top. Too monochrome for you? Add some zing to your outfit by putting on a brown belt. It will look amazing as well. Put on your laced sandals.

Pairing five.

Denim. The one outfit that had never gone out of trend and can make any girl look great. Overalls, skirts, shorts, jackets or pants anything in denim material is acceptable. Put on your white off-shoulder top.  A loose overall in denim is what you have to wear above your top.You can even go for a button-down denim mini skirt. Pair it with white sneakers. You’ll be ready to head out wearing nothing but fashionable clothes.

Pairing six.

A simple white shirt can be worn in so many ways that it will blow your mind. Put on your regular white shirt. We will be dressing you up here in a duo of white and brown combination. A heavenly blend that will earn you all the brownie points from the designers of the fashion world. A pair of inky blue jeans for your legs. Pair it up with an oversized brown scarf. You can just wrap it around your neck. A leather jacket in the same brown shade. A tote bag and you’ll be ready to roll. For tones and tones of options visit

Pairing seven.

The beauty of prints, stripes and patterns shouldn’t be missed by any girl who wishes to look great. A white t-shirt will match well with black and white patterned trousers. Go for black stilettos that are in ankle-strapped style. A simple yet extremely fashionable outfit for you to wear.

Pairing eight.

Say hi to neon colours. They have made an entry in the fashion industry and is a colour that every woman must have in her wardrobe. Put on a simple collared neon dress to bring out the bold and beautiful in you. Pair this outfit with a hat and sneakers.

We sincerely hope that you will try out the above-discussed pairing of clothes and accessories to give yourself the feel and makeover you deserve. Head out to the beach, office, party, date or any other reason looking like you never have before. You must remember to check out the valid vouchers, discounts, promo codes of Voucher Bucket. Pick out clothes that make you feel comfortable and mostly yourself.