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A smart woman’s guide for choosing saree and accessories

Choosing a saree is not so easy; you can choose a saree you liked, you just have to keep in mind that you should have matching accessories to improve your style. Accessories can change your entire appearance and can give you the best traditional look. If you really choose the best matching accessories for sarees then it can change the way you look. Saree gives an ultimate look and you can choose distinct style to wear it depending on the occasion or festival.

Festival sarees collection is ideal when you are attending festival or party as they give you extra glimmer and glitter. The saree being a traditional wear gives you a trendy look and attention. If you match the accessories right, you will definitely look beautiful and elegant. Take a few things in mind while choosing accessories –

Choose accessories on the basis of occasion – If you look out in the market there are a lot of accessories to choose from. You should always choose the best matching accessories with your saree and it should also match the occasion. If you choose the impeccable blend then you will look distinct even in the crowd. Just remember there are between different type of saree like formal, party and wedding you should choose according to different occasions.

Always pay attention to detail – It is always said that the devil is in the detail and people are appreciated who pay attention to the details. It is really vital to focus on small things like nail polish, Bridal Clutch & bags, Bindi, choice of bangles and jewellery. These very small things add up and become big and give you an overall complete distinct saree look.

Matching accessories to body types – If you are wearing a saree then you should really have the type of body it needs along with accessories will look good on you. Saree is best in accentuating curves than any other type of dress. If you are tall and thin then slouchy bags and hobos with the clutches are best for you however, petite women should avoid oversize bags as these bags doesn’t match their body type. It is recommended that short heighted girls or women should always stay away from long hand bags. Hour glass girls or women’s look best with medium type of hand bags. Plus size and hourglass shaped girls look good when they choose medium sized broxy and decorated big handbags to balance their looks.

Shape of your face – That is one of the essential things which should be taken into consideration; round face women should not choose heavy jewellery. Small earrings with oval shaped are the perfect match for them.  It is recommended that you choose a saree with simple pattern instead of multicolour saree.

Get the right colours – You should always choose the colours which suits you or in which you can look more appealing and pretty. If you are wearing the right colour it will always give you distinct and ultimate look.