5 Special Occasions to Gift Jewellery

Jewellery has long been one of the most special gifts you can give. Since ancient times, it has signified opulence and wealth to be adorned in the finest of jewels and gold. A good quality piece of finely crafted jewellery is a gift that can last a lifetime, and even become an heirloom, passed down through generations. If a piece of jewellery is custom made and gifted on a special occasion or a significant milestone in your life, it carries with it memories and significance too. Here are some occasions where jewellery makes the perfect gift.

Graduation Day

A special piece of jewellery, like a ring or a pendant, can be a wonderful way to celebrate the graduation of your child from university. They’ve spent many years and a lot of time and effort to successfully be awarded a degree or diploma, and it should be commemorated. They’re likely to treasure a thoughtful piece of custom jewellery from an expert jeweller like Chapter 79

Your Wedding Anniversary

Your journey to your nuptials began with an engagement ring, and on the big day you added a second ring, so why not commemorate a big wedding anniversary with a piece of jewellery or another ring? Every year on your wedding anniversary, you should take the time to celebrate your commitment to each other and the successes that you have accomplished together, and the gift of jewellery can be a fantastic way to show your love, affection, and appreciation for the bond you share.

A Push Present

A very traditional time to gift your wife a present is at the birth of your first child. It’s called a push present, and it’s symbolic of the birth, and a memento to remind you both of this great milestone in your lives. Consider adding the birthstone of your child to the ring to make it extra special. If you want to depart from a ring, a pendant on a gold chain is another piece of jewellery often gifted on this special day.

Milestone Birthdays

As we get older, birthdays start to become a little less meaningful, and we only celebrate milestone birthdays, usually every ten years. Some of these milestone birthdays have more meaning than others, and they should be celebrated with the gift of a meaningful piece of jewellery. Your 18th, 21st, and 60th birthdays all hold special significance and call for an extra special celebration.

Hallmark Holidays

There are a few of these holidays that are popular days to share gifts for various reasons, and while some might have become a little over-commercialised over time, it can still be a day that you can celebrate your relationship. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day and you are celebrating your love, or Mother’s or Father’s Day and you’re celebrating your parents, they make excellent opportunities to gift a special piece of jewellery.

Whether or not you choose to give the gift of gold and jewels to your love, child, or parent, these special occasions are a time for celebration and to enjoy the unique bonds we share with others in our lives.