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4 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out on the Market

The UK real estate market is overcrowded with listings at the moment, and if you’re trying to sell your house and you want to get a good price for it, you will have to use a few tricks. Carrying out major renovations could help, but it’s usually better to make small investments that will pay back big. Let’s take a look at some things that you could do right away to make your house look more attractive and valuable to prospective buyers.

Give Your Facade a Makeover

The front of your home is what will catch people’s attention when they get to your property. Even if there are minor issues with the rest of the house, most buyers will overlook them if the front looks magnificent. So, if your facade could look better, it would be a good idea to invest most of your money and efforts there.

If you have a Victorian home, then you could start by doing something as simple as installing some Victorian porch tiles and replacing your front door. You could add a nice door knocker and replace your address numbers and mailbox. You’d be surprised by how much more luxurious it will make your house look.

Add Some Moulding

Nice moulding can turn a very ordinary room into a luxurious one on the cheap. Here, the best option would be to go with foam moulding. It’s cheap and can be installed by yourself. Hallways are also a great place to install moulding and are the kind of detail that will impress visitors.

Spring Clean it

Cleaning your home and decluttering the space could be all that you need if everything in the house is pretty pristine. Rent a power washer and power wash your driveway and facade. Remove any unneeded items from your garden and tuck them away. Or you could sell or store them. Clean your gutter, windows, and window frames and remove bad weeds and dead leaves from your lawn.

Transform or Add a Room

More living space will always make a home look more attractive on the market. The easiest way to add living space to a house is to transform a room into one. Transforming the basement into a game room or a home theatre could instantly make your house more liveable and attractive. Transforming your attic could also be a good option.

Adding a room is a bit more complex but it could still be considered as it could give you a great return on investment. If you have an empty closet, for instance, or room under the stairs, then you could turn this room into a bathroom. This would be relatively accessible and would add a lot of value to your property as most homeowners will love having extra bathrooms.

All of these tips should help your house stand out and get lots of offers. Look at which options would work the best for you based on your budget and current configuration, but make sure that you will get a return on your investment before you make any decisions.