What’s Your Bra Size? (Bra Size Measuring Guide)

Did you know that many people across the world are currently wearing bras that do not fit them correctly? Wearing the wrong bra size can have more of an impact that many people think too – holding the ability to ruin outfits and moods. In line with this today we are going to explain to all how to measure themselves for a perfectly fitting bra, with the intention of enhancing as many ladies lives as possible… Whether you are looking for the perfect bra to wear with sexy knickers or you simply want to be comfier during day-too-day life, we hope to be able to help you.

Are you wearing the right size?

If you want to ensure that you are wearing the right size bra for your breasts then you need to follow the measuring steps that we are soon going to provide. However first of all, here are a few tell-tale signs that you may currently be wearing the wrong size:

  • Underwire poking the side of your breasts
  • Bands which ride up
  • Cup spillage
  • Slipping straps
  • A bra that hikes up you breasts when you raise your arms

Bra Measuring Guide

  1. Determine your band size. Whilst wearing a non-padded bra, measure around the bottom of your band directly under your bust. The tape measure should be snug and level. Once you have done this round the number to the nearest whole number and if the number is even add four inches, and if the number is odd add five. (If you measure 34 inches for example, your band size is 38).
  2. Measure your bust. Using the tape measure, measure around the fullest part of your bust or at nipple level (loosely). The round this number to the nearest hole number.
  3. Calculate your cup size. Subtract your band size from your bust measurement. The difference between these measurements will determine your cup size, as follows:

0 inch difference: AA

1 inch difference: A

2 inch difference: B

3 inch difference: C

4 inch difference: D

5 inch difference: DD

6 inch difference: DDD,F

7 inch difference: G


Checking your bra fits


Unfortunately for everyone, different manufacturers of bras tend to make sizes slightly differently. Don’t worry though here are some of the ways in which you can adjust bras to ensure ultimate fit:

  • Change the hook that you are using
  • Adjust the band
  • Change the length of your straps