What Is the Best Way to Sell Your Freshwater Pearls

Pearls come in different forms. Freshwater pearls are one of them. These types of pearls have gained the attention of a worldwide audience. Jewellery pieces made of these pearls goes best on traditional and western wear.

The best feature of freshwater pearls is that they are the most admired ones by people of all age groups. Knowing about these pearls would help you effectively marketing and presenting them in public.

What are freshwater pearls?

Freshwater pearls are grown in China mostly in artificial freshwater ponds and lakes. It takes two to seven years of time for pearls to grow. Farmers that are involved in growing these pearls use beads to cultivate freshwater pearls in a similar manner like saltwater pearls. Image result for What Is the Best Way to Sell Your Freshwater Pearls

Doing in this way, one gets freshwater pearls that are larger in size than tissue-nucleated pearls. Freshwater pearls are small, blemished and wrinkled. is one of the leading dealers selling all types of pearls online.

Shapes of Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the popular shapes being round, off-round, oval shape, drop shape, coin shape, button shape, bar shape and other asymmetrical shape pearls.

Different colours of freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls come in a wide range of exemplary natural colours like pink, lavender, peach, and white. They are also available in several other trendy colours like navy blue, magenta, emerald green and black. These hues are due to the different colour treatments.


Freshwater pearls are available in different sizes from 1.0 mm to 12.0 mm and more.


Shine is one of the main things that determine the value of every ornament. Freshwater pearls have got remarkable soft and mild satiny lustre that makes them perfect for day to day wear. It has solid nacre composition as light travels through solid crystalline material prior to getting reflected and again refracted at the viewer.  

Pearls are one of the most loved jewellery pieces that every person is fond of. Looking at the craze of these pearls, it is important for you to present it in the best way that results in higher sales.