What Is Involved in Being an Educated Wedding Organizer or Planner

If you are known for having strong organizational skills, creativity, and a desire to help couples to tie the knot in a beautiful fashionable wedding; then perhaps a career as a wedding planner might be for you. Education normally consists of a certificate program but you also can learn these skills of wedding planning with a bachelor’s or associate degree program in the field of hospitality management. Continue to see if training to be a planner of weddings could be part of your future.

Growing field

Wedding organizing or planning is a field that is growing since engaged couples often are too busy to handle all the details of their wedding plans. Rather, more couples are giving the wedding organizer an idea of what they want, leavingit up to the wedding planner or organizer to deal with all the specifics of the celebration. If you are in this role, you often would be called on to design:

  • Destination weddings
  • Weddings away from couples’ home states
  • Other type weddings

It might be hard for the engaged couple to plan the specifics of this marriage ceremony.

What is involved

A wedding planner needs to use creativity, overseeing the design for the wedding’s:

  • Cake
  • Flowers
  • Menu
  • Other decorative elements

The wedding organizer will need to have strong planning skills and feel calm contracting wedding vendors, negotiating with sites for the wedding, working with insurance companies as well as monitoring the prearranged budget. Additionally, a wedding planner needs to be skilled at organizing the many parts into one beautiful occasion. You will contract caterers, videographers, musicians, other wedding professionals, then organizeall these facilities at the ceremony and reception site.

Important facts about education

Degree levels with a bachelor’s degree being common, fields of study include:

  • Management of hospitality and tourism
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Public relations

Courses commonly taken include:

  • Hospitality services
  • Special events management
  • Food and beverage management