What are some plus size suit color choices that make a bold statement?

Suiting up in style and confidence requires finding colors and pieces that complement your body type. For plus-size women, tailored suits in vibrant, statement-making hues are ideal for looking and feeling your best, whatever the occasion. Read on for inspiring color suit options for your next big event. Lush emerald greens flatter a wide variety of skin tones, from fair to deep complexions. They add striking sophistication to a plus size suiting look. Choose a deeper forest green for bolder impact or opt for a brighter pastel mint if you prefer a more spring-like vibe. Pair with metallic or nude shoes and accessories to let the suit color pop.

Vibrant royal purples

Few colors evoke luxury and creativity like rich purples. plus size suits in jewel-toned amethyst, eggplant, and plum make you look and feel like royalty. Contrast the hue with an ivory blouse layered under the jacket for lightness. Metallic shoes and bags offer an elegant finish. You never go wrong with a navy blue plus size suit, but choose a shade with extra personality. Bold cobalt or electric navies pack more visual power than the expected basic hue. To make the color stand out, pair it with a bright contrast blouse in coral, chartreuse, or crimson.

Fiery tangerine oranges

For plus size women with warm complexions, vibrant orange suit sets are unapologetically fun while still projecting professionalism. The juicy hue brings lightness and confidence. Temper the boldness by pairing it with a muted nude or crisp white top. Graphic floral prints also complement the citrus tone. Pretty in pink gets a sophisticated spin when you slip into a coral or fuchsia plus size suit. These flattering, feminine colors especially pop on brown and dark skin. Avoid pastel pinks and opt for these richer sunset shades. Crisp tailoring keeps the look from skewing saccharine.

Uplift any event with a plus size yellow suit that radiates joy and optimism. Mustard and lemon shades make pleasantly unexpected color choices. Just beware of washed-out pastels and instead pick vibrant, saturated goldenrod and marigold hues. A white or grey camisole or blouse keeps the spotlight on that sunshine suit. If navy blue suits veer too conservative for your tastes, sapphire blues are a bolder way to represent one of the most flattering cool hues for plus size women. Regal sapphire suits command respect while inviting compliments. Contrast with red or pink blouses and accessories for a high-impact style.

Crimson red hot

Turn heads in a well-cut crimson plus size suit tailored to highlight your curves. Red suits garner attention, so save them for occasions where making a dynamic entrance matters. Balance strong reds with nude shoes and a printed blouse boasting traces of the bold color. No matter your style, occasion, or preference, plus size suit options in these vivid statement shades empower you to walk tall while showcasing your best self. Use color to transform any event into a chance to boldly embrace life in full color.