What are robes made of silk?

What are robes made of silk?

Robes made of silk are the way to give one’s wardrobe an amazing look, a collection of silk robes make your wardrobe exceptional. These silk robes are designed by 100% mulberry silk which is very tough to get. There is lots of manpower behind silk production which means labor cost is higher than other fabric costumes. There are different kinds of silk robes like silk pajamas, short silk kimono robe, nightwear, kimonos etc. These silk clothes give a cottony soft touch and feel. People who want to live luxurious lives prefer to wear silk clothes as it shows the status of that person.

What are kimono and short silk kimono robes?

Kimonos are a traditional outfit of Japan. The Japanese used to wear these special clothes on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, festivals and all. This traditional outfit originated from Japanese samurai and later it became the status symbol of Japanese. But due to it’s heavy design it became an outfit for special occasions only because it takes time to drape it all around the body, but now a days by taking inspiration from long kimonos there are short silk kimonos robes are available for those who want to feel luxurious yet comfortable. These short robes are being used on a daily basis, people use them as nightwear.  These short silk kimono robesmake us comfortable and provide a peaceful night. We sleep well in it and feel fresh in the morning.

Elaborate the basic  benefits of wearing silk outfits.

Kimonos are a symbol of fashion which is famous in Japan. This costume is used by Japanese people on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and all. The basic benefits of wearing silk kimonos are

         It improve eczema or skin asthma condition

         It slows down aging. It means that silk has natural amino acid which has anti-aging properties. It may reduce wrinkles and can help to maintain a youthful look or skin.

         It improves sleeping condition

         It has antifungal element

         It gives a luxurious touch to your lifestyle.

         You get a special appearance when you wear silk robes and enter somewhere where an event is organized.

Why are silk costumes expensive?

It takes lots of time and hard work to produce silk fabric that is why silk costumes are expensive in the market. From silk production to designing a silk costume it’s very tough and has a lengthy process which makes it expensive.




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