Top 5 Antique Watches

Watches could be a classy accessory to wear either for man and woman. From the earliest time, when this hand wear was invented many new innovations were introduced in it. Now in the present time, this watch is not an ordinary watch but a smart watch having all functions just like a gadget.

Still Old Is Gold and even after so much modernizations in this little accessory, some are fanatic of Antique Watches. People are fond of collecting them, adding to their collection of ancient pool and rarely wearing and show offing them. Many companies that were creators of these antique watches are not even existing but their watch specie is still glooming in the world.

You want to know about the top most antique watches? Here you go:

  1. Patek Phillips Reference 3974:

Although the company Pate Phillips has a wide range in their times but reference 3974 was a special edition.  It has so many features different from a standard watch especially a long-lasting calendar with a moon phase. The watch was launched in 1989 and is famous of that time. It is surely an elegant piece for your collection if you managed to find it.

  1. Rolex Submariner Reference 6538:

Rolex watches are known in the world for their quality, class and worth since the time it came into market. It is no doubt that every watch they manufactured is/was a masterpiece but Submariner reference 6538 blow the world with its uniqueness beside being a water resistant watch. It also served as a prop for James Bond movies more than once and is also called Bond Submariner.

  1. Lange & Söhne B-Uhr:

The watch that takes you back to the World War II. A. Lange & Söhne B-Uhr is a watch manufactured on the special demand of Germans that could help their aviators and navigators in war. The watch comes in a 55mm case that they could tie around their legs. This watch is still popular.

  1. Cartier Santos- Dumont:

The first watch for men in history is Louis Cartier’s innovation for the Alberto Santos Dumont; the founder of aviation. After the launch of this watch, many designs were released by Cartier inspired from it. Being the first masculine watch it holds an importance then and now too as an antique piece.

  1. Omega Speed master:

The watch that has been to space with Neil Armstrong in 1969 is definitely worthy antique piece. Many watches were tested to accompany astronauts in space and Omega Speed master reference ST105.012 wins the race. Not only this it proved to be the best companion in space as it does not get effected when in Apollo 13 mission the space module experienced an detonation of oxygen tank, making it the strongest and most compatible watch to travel to space.

Time remains same whether you measure it in a smart watch, an ordinary watch or an antique masterpiece. But the sentiments associated to the vintage watches are not common. People are either fond of them or they want to turn it into a business which is again not a bad idea. They earn a lot of profit every time an auction is held for these watches antique pieces. Definitely they are something worth collecting.