Today’s men are into Meggings

Men have been using meggings for many years, and now we’re seeing this trend popping up on male runway models, even rock stars are wearing leggings. The concept of the legging is not new. Givenchy first introduced it in its own summer collection of 2009. Leggings can be worn under some men’s skirts or shorts.


Meggings come in a variety of colors and designs. These may include metallic gold and come in different types of colors, like camouflage. These aren’t typical men’s fashion leggings, unlike the traditional leggings that are worn by women. Meggings are styled with the male body in mind.


Meggings have upturned triangle panels on the hip side, having wide waistbands and faux flies on the front side. Meggings can be worn with T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, jackets, and high boots. You can wear with vintage kicks as well. Meggings are made up of polyester and spandex, which means an athlete can easily wear it. They’re made from fabric that can breathe, which is why guys feel comfortable in them.

Meggings in fashion industry

Meggings are worn to be stylish. Men already wear leggings for working out, but now there are even leggings in streetwear. This seems like something new in fashion and more comfortable than shorts.

It’s no surprise that the flexibility of meggings hasn’t gone overlooked by men at the gym. Comfort and chic make our men’s leggings an easy way to stand out, which is why so many men wear the same type of leggings in activewear.

The coming trend of activewear and general workout dress is practical, chic and stylish. The use of male leggings is limitless to the modern male wardrobe. Men can find the comfort and flexibility in meggings that are vital to for working out. It was a challenge for men to find chic workout clothing that they can wear to the gym and out on the street.

Now men have various forms of leggings and of course it was not always called “the legging”. This cloth was initially worn by both genders usually for warmth and for protection. Let’s bring back tights for men.

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