Smart Choice of the Polo Shirts


The polo is one of the pieces in the men’s wardrobe that does not forgive any excess. If you are very thin, we will tend to advise you the same thing if you are overweight, no need to try the polo. The utility of this one is its function to subtly sublimate a muscular silhouette. In spite of this, it is possible to wear a polo shirt without having a perfect body. It will therefore be necessary to scrupulously respect the following point: the quality of the cut. Indeed, the polo does not forgive when it is not adapted to your morphology. Before we take a look at the cut, we’ll talk about the collar. With the purchase of herren poloshirt the deals come perfect now.

Which collar?

The quality of the cervix is ​​relatively important. Passes too soft are to be avoided, they will not have enough long-term outfit. Attention also to the thickness of it, it must be relatively fine. Second point: the presence of the foot of collar. We had already mentioned it in the article on shirt collars, a collar deposited directly on the polo body may give a look too feminine. So prefer it with a foot of collar in the herren poloshirts sale. Once again the height of it will depend on the length of your neck. The collar should form a nice curve on your shoulder and not have a rigid rendering.

The quality of the finishes

It is also important to check the finishes. You can start with the collar, by checking its seams, 5-6 points per cm is a good start, below, it’s bad sign.

The plastic and mother of pearl buttons are quite similar for someone who does not have a very sharp eye yet. To be able to recognize mother-of-pearl buttons, we invite you to observe them first. A mother of pearl button has fairly characteristic reflections, the plastic button is usually much more translucent or dull.

In a second step, you can look below the button. The mother of pearl button often has small spots on the back, it means that it has not been extracted from the best part of the shell (yes because the mother of pearl, is basically a shell). Indeed the most beautiful mother-of-pearl nacre does not have tasks, it is extracted on the most noble part of the shell. Attention all the same, it is possible to fall on plastic buttons with these small tasks that have the ambition to deceive you. With the herren poloshirt angebote the deals come perfect.


Choose polo finishes

Here is the example of the bad student. A lifeless collar that is already slightly curving, it does not form that characteristic wave of which we spoke above. The quality of the seams is quite dubious, the points could be tighter. At the herren poloshirt online shop you will be having the best of it.