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Pedicure Chairs – Brands we love

You just bought your own salon, placed advertisements for manicurists and looking at what kind of salon chairs you should get for your new business. Well, you have come to the right place! There are 7 leading brands of Pedicure Chair right now which are popular in the market right now due to their amazing design and the comfort it brings!

Cleo Pedicure Spa Chairs

With premium and comfortable features, the Cleo pedicure spa chairs give convenience to both customers and manicurists alike. With a new full shiatsu-massage feature built into its latest range, the Cleo provides a soft and gentle touch. Coming with an adjustable footrest, the Cleo chair allows customisation of rest height for optimal customer comfort, while retaining its tray and cup holder design to give more space to customers for their drinks and personal effects.

Episode Pedicure Spa Chairs

The winner of the 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards, Episode chairs come with a shower head that has an auto fill function, giving manicurists a few more minutes to grab the nail colours while the basin is filling up. Coming with an armrest, customers are able to place their arms against these armrests when tired or when looking at their phones. With a massage option as well, the Episode chairs have an easy access massage remote located on the armrest for easy control and adjustment.

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Lenox Pedicure Spa Chairs

An elegant and stunning spa chair, the Lenox comes with an intricate yet sturdy glass bowl which adds a touch of class to it. These glass bowls come in three colours – black, crystal and gold to go with different salon interiors, with the spa chairs coming in 6 different colours. The Lenox also has a pipe-less whirlpool system, as well as a full shiatsu massage chair all rolled into one. The massage controls are located in a separate remote which gives customers a fuller rein of how they would like to enjoy their massage.

Pacific Pedicure Spa Chairs

Both stylish and functional, the Pacific range of pedicure spa chairs boasts armrests and a massage function, with the controls located separately on a remote. Equipped with a shower head, the Pacific allows for convenient washing and cleaning during the pedicure process. The height-adjustable footrest also works in sync to give customers a seamless comfortable experience

Petra Pedicure Spa Chairs

An elegantly designed spa chair, the Petra has dual motors for massage mechanism making it durable and reliable without sacrifice of real massage experience. The seat cushion, backrest cover and pillow on the sps chair are easily removable making the colour change for the chair simple and practical.

Toepia Pedicure Spa Chairs

The signature and popular option, the Toepic has a beautiful upholstery and glass bowl design complemented with a pipe-less whirlpool system. Equipped with new technology like telescopic footrests, technician buttons to control chair height and auto-fill buttons that prevent overflowing of water to make it one of the most used chairs in the market today.