Marketing with Promotional Products: Check This Quick Overview!

Marketing with Promotional Products: Check This Quick Overview!

With time, the whole process of promoting a brand or product has changed considerably. Today, businesses are using all means to reach customers, including online marketing. However, some of the traditional practices still make sense – such as promotional product marketing. The idea of giving free merchandise and products, to customers, employees, and suppliers, holds value because it fosters direct connection. Let’s admit it – people love free stuff, especially when the product is a useful one.

So, how can you promote your brand with freebies? We have a few suggestions for help!

Understand the benefits

Marketing objectives may differ, but typically, the whole game is about boosting the brand image and generating sales. You want people to think positive of your business, and for that, offering more than just goods and services is important. With promotional products, it is possible to build relationships. Customers have a limited attention span, and to make them listen, you have to offer something that holds value. Promotional product marketing works well, particularly when the objective is clear and the products selected are useful to the targeted audience. Besides brand image, this technique helps in generating sales, encourages interest in existing products, and gets the attention of both current and potential customers.

Selecting a vendor

When it comes to promotional goods, you have to find a vendor that can be relied on. Known suppliers like Concept Plus have been around for the longest time, and they have all sorts of categories to choose from. Apparel, technology, writing instruments, fitness gear, and desktop supplies are some options that work well for diverse industries and marketing needs. Find a vendor that can handle bulk orders, offers an estimate in advance, and is also open to sharing ideas. More often than not, companies rely on their suppliers to select promo products and freebies.

The audience matters

Finally, let’s talk about the most important factor that matters for product selection and everything else – the end user. The target audience will decide the marketing goals and products used for promotion. What you select as freebies to advertise a new product launch for customers would be very different from employee motivation merchandise.

Finally, the cost is an important factor, and the best idea is to consider the numbers first and decide on a budget. For bulk orders, it is always possible to get a discount, specifically with online suppliers who have limited retail costs.  

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