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Is It Safe to Wear Sterling Silver with Nickel?

People who are allergic to nickel wonder whether or not sterling silver has nickel. In terms of this issue, there is conflicting information available out there. A number of people say sterling silver only has trace elements of nickel and lead to allergies while others suggest avoiding sterling silver.

Nickel allergy is a kind of dermatitis which develops when your skin comes into contact with nickel. The severity of the allergy varies depending on you. But, it ranges from slight itchiness to pus-filled infections that require immediate medical attention. The majority of those who are allergic to nickel can have irritation or discomfort around the parts of their body the piece of sterling silver with nickel is worn. If you are one of those people who tend to be allergic to nickel and wondering if you can safely wear sterling silver, read on:

Can Pure Silver Cause Allergies?

Silver does not cause allergies. Pure silver from Myel Design is hypoallergenic and does not have nickel. Thus, if you have skin reactions when nickel comes into contact with your skin, think about wearing pure or fine silver. Keep in mind though that pure silver tends to be soft and malleable and can lose shape quite easily. Due to the softness of this metal, pure silver is usually combined with other metals for more strength and durability and to make jewelry-making possible. When silver is alloyed with other metals, it becomes sterling silver.

Does Sterling Silver Contain Nickel?

While pure silver is 99.9% pure, sterling silver is 92.5% pure with the other 7.5% made up of different metals like copper. But, nickel may also be used in the alloy which can cause skin reactions for some people. Thus, make sure you check with the jeweller if the piece of silver jewellery you are getting has nickel.

How to Wear Sterling Silver Safely

If you own at least a piece of sterling silver jewellery which tends to cause skin reactions, think about coating the parts which come into contact with your skin using clear nail polish or a jewellery sealant to prevent allergies. Also, apply petroleum jelly on the jewellery as the former serves as a buffer between the metal and your skin. You will need to apply petroleum jelly every several hours.

For most people, sterling jewellery is actually quite safe since the alloys do not always use nickel. But, if you experience serious skin reactions to nickel, ensure you check with the jeweller first before making a purchase.