Important Considerations You Can’t Overlook When Planning Your Wedding Day

There are countless lists available online and in dedicated wedding magazines that outline the finer details of how to plan for your big day. However, there are also plenty of equally important yet easily overlooked factors that might slip your mind in the run up to your wedding. Here are a few of the most commonly forgotten details that you don’t want to neglect when preparing for your special day.

Getting Ready

There is undoubtedly so much time spent on planning for the wedding that people often forget that the process of getting ready on the day can take time and effort. It is extremely helpful to have your outfit ready the night before your wedding so that you can easily get changed when the time comes. Don’t forget other details such as hair, makeup, footwear, and underwear. Rushing around trying to find or buy these items at the last minute will only add unnecessary stress to an already high-pressure day.

Food and Drink

If you are hoping to treat yourself and your guests to a delicious meal and plenty of drinks at your wedding celebration, then it’s important that you book well in advance. There are many small details when it comes to feeding your guests that can often be overlooked. Do you want an open bar? A buffet? Canapés? Research different wedding caterers to find out what they have to offer. It is useful to ask guests early on if they have any dietary restrictions you might need to be aware of.

Guests’ Needs

Speaking of individual guests’ needs, some of your wedding attendees may have needs that you might not think of at first. For example, you may have people attending who have mobility restrictions, sensory impairment or other support requirements. Reach out to friends or family members who may need some extra consideration, such as accessibility to venues.

Unpredictable Weather

Unless you plan to host your wedding in a location with extremely predictable and consistent weather, it is best to have a backup plan for outdoor ceremonies and reception parties. While getting married on a beach or in a forest might look beautiful and idyllic in photographs, you may find yourself facing a sudden downpour or gusts of strong wind without warning. Keep an eye on forecasts but also make sure you have somewhere protected from the elements that you and your guests can retreat to if necessary.

First Aid and Minor Emergencies

Just because it’s your special day doesn’t mean accidents won’t happen. If you cut your finger and don’t have a bandage, you’ll likely end up needing to disrupt events to find one and perhaps even stain something in the process. Have a kit handy that will spare you the delay or embarrassment that can come with minor emergencies. Prepare a sewing kit, deodorant, your medications and whatever else you might want to have nearby so that you don’t need to stress about it on the day.