How to Wear Jewelry: 4 Tips for Women

You’ve likely been there before. You finish getting ready, look in the mirror, and realize you’re missing something — your jewelry! Adding these accessories can completely transform your outfit.

Jewelry serves as the final touch to your attire, helping to emphasize your style and add some bling. Exploring your jewelry options can help you take your outfits to the next level.

If you’re not sure how to wear jewelry, be sure to keep reading for some of the top tips to help you look your best before you leave the house.

1. Pay Attention to Your Outfit

After you get dressed, you’ll want to pay attention to the aspects of your clothing before you accessorize. Whether you plan on wearing a family relic or a new piece from, you’ll want to focus on your outfit.

Take notice of the neckline of your top. For lower necklines, you should lean towards necklaces that are shorter in length, while turtle or mock neck tops will look great with a longer pendant.

2. Layers Are Key

If you’re looking for a fun way to liven up your everyday jewelry, layering is a great way to create visual interest. You can layer all types of jewelry to help you achieve an effortlessly chic look.

A rule of thumb to remember is to layer in odd numbers. For necklaces, you’ll want to vary the length. Start with a short choker length, followed by a medium length, and finally a longer pendant.

You can apply this to bracelets and rings as well. Stacking rings is a great way to mix different styles!

3. Mix Metals and Textures

While many will tell you to avoid mixing metal styles, this can create a unique look! The key to mixed metals is balance. Try to keep the amount of gold or silver you’re wearing even.

Similarly, mixing different textures, like metal bracelets with natural elements like a stone, creates an interesting juxtaposition. You can also achieve this look with lace details against faux leather elements for an edgy look.

4. Find a Focus

Finally, you’ll want to determine a focus for your accessories when styling jewelry. This helps you add other pieces without overpowering your main detail.

For example, if you’re wearing a pair of statement earrings, you’ll want to wear a simple, dainty chain around your neck. This helps keep the eye on the earrings without creating too much conflict.

How to Wear Jewelry: Your Simplified Guide

Wearing jewelry is a great way to express your personality and show off your style!

Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” way when styling jewelry. As long as you feel beautiful and confident with what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters.

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