How To Shop for Classic Tweed Suits For Men

Classic, tweed-style suits are timeless classics. They work with any style and can be paired with anything from a shirt and tie to a bow tie. Men often invest in these suits for their sobriety, fraternity, or for their two-year stint at the office. However, there are other ways to wear these suits that some may not know about. These clothes aren’t just for formal occasions anymore. Keep scrolling to find out how you can buy this suit and turn it into the perfect look for your casual day-to-day lives.

What Makes A Tweed Suit

A tweed suit is a classic style that has been around for quite some time and is seen as a timeless piece of clothing. These suits are often paired with an Oxford shirt, which gives them the perfect look for work or any other occasion. But, these aren’t just for formal occasions anymore.

How To Shop For A Tweed Suit For Men

First, let’s talk about how to shop for a tweed suit for men. One of the most important things you will need is a classic fit. Look for a suit that has some structure around the chest and fits true to size. It should also have an opening in the front or back as they are meant to be worn with no shirt underneath.

For classic tweed suits, it is sometimes recommended that you buy them in navy, charcoal, or army green colors as these colors tend to go with everything. A classic tweed suit will cost anywhere from $150-$400 depending on your size.

How To Buy A Classic Tweed Suit For Men

For those who are looking for a classic tweed suit, you should know that the more expensive the suit, the better quality it is. Jackets and trousers with less padding and structure will not be as durable.

When you are shopping for your classical tweed suit, first look at how much room you need in the chest and in the shoulders. You want to make sure that if you have more room in one of these areas, there is no extra fabric to bunch up or flap around when you move around.

Next, check out how much room you have in your torso area. Some classic tweed suits can have four buttons on them which will help give them a tapered silhouette. The last thing that you should do is look at how long the sleeves are on your suit. You want to make sure that they come down just past your wrist bone.

The Best Ways To Wear This Suit

The best way to wear a suit is to pair it with a fun patterned chambray or denim shirt. This will add a pop of color that will make the tweed suit stand out from your usual attire.

You can also wear this suit with jeans and a white tee as well. Pairing this outfit with a green or blue tee will give it an interesting pop of color as well. Finally, you can invest in some classic black shoes and tie this look together for some serious style points! If you’re searching to purchase a tweed suit, Hocketery has an extensive collection.