How to Pick the Right Shoe Color?

When we talk about style statement, it encompasses various parameters such as outfit, shoes, hairstyle, and accessories. The right combination can be fatal for onlookers and the wrong one can be fatal for you. Hence, you should be wise enough to dress accordingly. Not only dress but shoes can make a considerable difference in your appearance. Here, we have prepared a write-up on how to pick the right shoe color as per the dress and the occasion.

Before you begin, we would like to state that there is no hard and fast rule with respect to shoe color. We are not saying that you should adhere to these guidelines or else you might cause a fashion blunder. It is just that the following aspects are widespread and acceptable protocols when it comes to shoes.

Moreover, we have not considered sports shoes or casual shoes while picking the right shoe color. This is because sports and casual comes under the informal category. Hence, you can customize your outlook as per your needs and suitability. In this article, we have considered formal leather shoes to decipher the right combination for the readers.

Black Color Shoes

The first thought that comes to mind when we consider shoes, or formal one specifically, the ultimate preference is the black colored shoes. Most of the people, especially those who lack fashion sense, may vouch by the black color for all the occasions, whether formal or casual.

But if we consider in detail, black colored shoes has its limitations. Even in formal occasions, you cannot pair it with any trouser. If we consider black, grey, and blue colored trousers, black colored shoes will look amazing with them. But at the same time, if we opt for brown colored trousers and black shoes, the combination might turn you off. Hence, here comes restriction with black colored shoes.

Now, talking about the casual outlook, you can club black shoes with bright colored chinos such as brown, red, orange, blue, burgundy, and so on. Black colored shoes will look good with them, but certainly not amazing. However, if you wear a contrasting color for upper wear, it might look dashing. For example, beige colored chinos, black shoes, and a white shirt is the ultimate combination.

Brown Colored Shoes

If you want to break from the shackles of black, brown can prove worthy in this situation. Brown colored shoes are often neglected but truly speaking, they are more versatile than the black ones. While wearing formals don’t commit a mistake of wearing black trousers with brown shoes. It is a significant fashion blunder. Of course, you can do it at your own risk but we would not advise it.

Except for the black, brown colored shoes will look amazing with bottom wear in all colors, whether its brown, burgundy, grey, blue, navy blue, etc. And this combination is not restricted to just formal settings; you can also club casual wears such as chinos, jeans, and shorts with brown colored shoes.

Oxblood Shoes

If black or brown shoes are not your cup of tea, you may like to experiment with oxblood colored shoes. Not a recommended option or you can say not a prominent choice; oxblood colored shoes might outperform black or brown colored shoes when paired suitably. Oxblood shoes complement all types of bottom wears such as trousers, chinos, jeans, and shorts.

Further, it amplifies the formal outlook when paired with the right kind of trousers. For example, you can wear navy blue, black, and grey trousers to impart the much-desired formal feel. And since oxblood shoes are uncommon, you have the advantage of making a style statement that others can’t do.

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