How To Clean Yeezy Blue Tint and Soles?

Yeezy Blue Tint is a unique pair of sneakers made from PrimeKnit materials. But the other exciting part of the kicks is it is sole, as it carries a translucent material. Through this case, the sneakers bring an extraordinary style to your feet but give a tricky effect on cleaning them. Find out here the simple but quick ways to clean your Blue Tint Yeezy.

What are the materials you need in cleaning Blue Tint Yeezy?

Get three brushes for your sneakers. You can choose a soft bristle brush, medium bristle brush, and stiff bristle brush. Then, prepare your cleaning bowl for a better cleaning process. Afterward, grab one to two pieces of a microfiber towel. As for the cleaning agent, you may use any soap, but laundry detergent would be better.

How to properly clean Blue Tint Yeezy? 

#1 Place the sneakers on top of a microfiber towel and remove the laces.

#2 Mix the cleansing solution or detergent into the water. Next, grab your soft bristle brush and damp it to the solution. Then, start brushing the upper part of the sneakers, particularly its forefoot.

#3 Continue cleaning the sneakers’ upper part using a medium bristle. But this time, brush thoroughly to the sides, including the inner collars of the sneakers.

#4 Use the other microfiber towel and wipe the upper part of the kicks. If there is still some stain, continue rubbing the medium bristle brush with the cleansing solution.

#5 When all the stains on the PrimeKnit material are removed, proceed with the translucent soles. Use the stiff bristle brush and damp it again to the cleansing solution. Rub it thoroughly to the midsoles until the outsoles. Wipe the soles with the microfiber towel once done.

#6 If possible, you can put the sneakers inside a laundry bag and place them in the washer with a detergent. But if you feel that the sneakers are good with the brushes, you can now wipe them properly and let them sit before use.

You see, taking good care of Yeezy Blue Tint is super easy. Just maintain its cleanliness, and it would surely elevate any outfit you are wearing. To grab your pair of Yeezy Blue Tint, order now through Watch out for incredible deals in this online store to get tons of discounts.