How to Be More Fashionable: 5 Tips for Men

The average man spends over $300 a year on clothing which is about half of what the average woman spends. Whether you are a thrifty fashionista or willing to drop a ton of cash, finding a fashion style is important.

Learning how to be more fashionable will improve your life and earn you the interest of other attractive people. Men’s fashion is often a more subtle and fickle beast to master than women’s fashion.

If you are looking for some fashion tips, or want to learn how to be stylish in all contexts check out this article. These men’s style tips will help you create your unique style that drips class and catches the eye. Read on for more info.

1. Don’t Try Too Hard

While you might not want to succumb to the pure apathetic grunge styles of the ’90s, you don’t want to try too hard with your fashion style either. Keep your clothes clean but don’t go overboard trying to make them look perfect.

Pick clothing that falls naturally on your body and highlights (or masks) some of your body’s natural traits. Everyone can spot someone who is showboating a fashion style. Keep yours relaxed, no matter what they are, for the best effect.

2. Have Confidence

What you wear is only part of the overall fashion picture. One of the best ways to be stylish is to have confidence no matter what you are wearing. If you are trying to wear something strange or cutting edge, flaunt it with confidence.

Don’t care what people think, but listen to positive feedback and incorporate it into your fashion style. Fashion trends come and go and if you want to be stylish you need to embrace them all with confidence.

3. Know Some Basic Fashion Rules

You need to learn how to make your outfits pop and how to be fashionable on a budget. You should familiarize yourself with what colors match. While clashing colors can complement some styles, they generally should be avoided.

Everything from your hat to your shoes matters but they all work together in conjunction to create a unique style. For instance, you should know some hats to wear with suits to avoid clashing styles too hard when dressing up.

4. Don’t Follow Trends Create Them

If you are dressing the same as everyone else you won’t stand out. Instead of conforming to fashion trends of the day try doing something different. Perhaps a subtle throw-back look will work great for that upcoming house party.

Maybe going the extra mile at that business meeting by wearing a premium suit complete with shined shoes and cufflinks will get you to stand out to your boss. Choose how you will beat the trend based on the context of the situation.

5. Learn How to Be More Fashionable Each Day

Every time you step out into the world you can find inspiration for new fashion ideas. Your style should be an amalgamation of all the fashion stimulus your eye has sent to your brain over your lifetime.

Pick what you like about other people’s fashion and piece it together into your own unique style. Don’t fall into a rut, use every day as motivation to keep evolving your fashion sense and style.

Your Fashion Style Is Your Visual Voice

Learning how to be more fashionable will give you the leg up on the rest of the world. The first thing people will notice about you is your visual appearance. Let yours speak volumes about who you want to be perceived as.

Use the five fashion tips in this guide to become the fashion expert of the modern age, or at least look good for that next party. For all your other important information like this make sure to check out our website.