Home Gym Essentials Checklist: Know What You Need At Your Home Gym

Many people realised the importance of health when the COVID-19 pandemic placed the world under threat for the last couple of years. They have learned how to take good care of themselves by eating a healthy balanced diet and participating in regular exercise.

While the former can be accomplished at home by preparing nutritious meals, the latter requires more effort. Without proper workout equipment, exercising at home will be limited to low-impact exercise like dancing, which is why some often go to the gym to burn calories.

The problem, however, is that gyms can be crowded and unhygienic since many people use gym equipment like an adjustable dumbbell. In that case, build a home gym so you can be reassured of the cleanliness and keep your body in shape.

6 Home Gym Essentials

1.   Boxing Sandbag

Have you watched the episode of Running Man when the boxing legend Manny Pacquiao became a special guest and demonstrated how to box? If yes, and you got inspired to try boxing, you will need to get a boxing sandbag.

A boxing sandbag allows you to practise boxing without any help from others. Just make sure to place it in the middle of the room so there will be enough space for the boxing sandbag to swing when you start punching it.

2.   Treadmill

Instead of going to the park and jogging several rounds, you will be safer to run at home. When you have a treadmill at your home gym in Singapore, it would not be a problem to jog or run for how long you want.

Since a treadmill comes with a feature that allows you to know the distance you have run, you will become more motivated to keep running.

3.   Jump Rope

Besides running, you can also lose weight by using a jumping rope. Doing it three to four times a week helps strengthen your muscles, improve posture, and tone your body.

4.   Weighted Vest

If you want to take your running exercise to the next level, you can wear a weighted vest in Singapore while you are using the treadmill. Wearing this will give your body additional weight that you need to carry and support yourself as you run in place.

5.   Gym Glove

Does the jumping rope slip through your hands as you jump continuously? Wearing gym gloves can solve that problem. Since gym gloves have a special type of rubber around the palm areas, you can rest assured that these can increase your grip as you hold the jumping rope.

6.   Squat Stand

A squat stand can help you tone your buttocks. You can strengthen your core muscles by standing still while holding several kilograms of weight. Consider using gym gloves to improve your grip on the weights.

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