Health Tips: Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Juice Diet

Doing a juice cleanse diet in Singapore is promising on the surface. You consume all-natural substances, and weight loss is on the horizon. However, there is also a downside to adopting such diets. In this article, let us weigh the pros and cons.


You would often hear promises of weight loss and cleansing toxins from your body. These are true, no doubt, and here are the pros of purchasing a detox juice package in Singapore:

  1. They are all natural. You will be juicing fruits and vegetables that pack many nutrients and antioxidants.
  2. A juice diet regime in Singapore does not add extra pounds because fruits and vegetables do not have many calories.
  3. You will get all the nutrients you need because they do not require you to throw away some parts of the food.
  4. They are fun and exciting to drink. Imagine enjoying a refreshing glass of juice while getting all the healthy stuff you need.


Flip the coin, and you will see the cons on the other side. The problem with drinking detox juice for weight loss is that most people think it is a fast solution. Here are the disadvantages of this diet:

  1. As mentioned earlier, a juice cleanse diet gives you fewer calories throughout the day. While you achieve periodic weight loss, it is not sustainable in the long run because you might undergo a yoyo effect or regain the lost weight.
  2. People drinking detox juice for weight loss might experience fatigue, drowsiness, dehydration, and weakness.
  3. Those who depend on this diet to replace meals do not get adequate amounts of protein and fats because these two nutrients also help weight loss.
  4. Some have the wrong mindset, and it can affect their fitness goals because adopting a juice diet is not sustainable in the long run.

The choice depends on you, but Antidote Singapore provides the appropriate juice cleanse program in Singapore. Visit their website for more information.