Got Anniversary Flowers In Singapore? Here Are 4 Adorable Ways To Preserve Them!

When you are having a bad day, what does your significant other give to make them feel better? What do you usually receive from your beau during a special occasion, say your anniversary? Anniversary flowers in Singapore! Floral arrangements are a classic way to show a person how much you love them. These are perfect no matter the occasion. Is there someone celebrating their birthday? Get them roses! On the search for the perfect graduation gift? How about a graduation flower bouquet?

Whether rose, daffodil, lily, peony, or sunflower bouquet in Singapore, flowers, in general, are quick to wilt. These gifts do not last forever, but you can help preserve the blooms. Keep scrolling for your reading pleasure!


Whether you ordered from a birthday flower shop with delivery in Singapore, an anniversary bouquet, or other floral arrangements, you may preserve the blooms by hanging them upside down with a wire or string and letting them air-dry. Store them in a spot with good airflow and an appropriate humidity level!


Another thing you can do for your anniversary flowers in Singaporeis to draw the moistness away using a drying agent, such as dry sand, borax, and silica gel. When doing so, place them somewhere bereft of sunlight and moisture for at least a week. Pro-tip! Use a mask if you are DIY-ing to avoid breathing in dust.


To press the flowers in your birthday, anniversary, wedding, or graduation bouquet, spread them out on clean wax paper, newspaper, paper towel, tissue, or cardboard for a more efficient lifting process after pushing. Secure with a heavy book or any weighted object to press.


It is no secret that blooms come in with grace and sweet, fresh scents! You may also use your anniversary flowers in Singaporeand make potpourri. Remove the petals, place them in a bowl for two weeks, transfer them to a decorative container once dried, and a drop of potpourri oil into the container.

Whether Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a baby shower, an apology gift, or an anniversary, flowers in Singaporecan make it extra special. What better way to express love than with sweet treats and fresh flowers? You can also take your romantic gesture to a new level and preserve it through these ways.

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