From Christopher Columbus to common man

Tobacco has been cultivated by Native Americans over 8000 years, it was chewed and smokes in various religious and social gatherings. Europe got first taste of tobacco in 1531 as it was planted in Santo Domingo. The first European who enjoyed a puff of tobacco was Christopher Columbus.  Use of tobacco was pervasive all over Europe and England by 1600. It was used as fiscal standard and continued be so for many decades. By 1700 tobacco industry first made its footprint and smoking was very common among men.


Tobacco in the form of cigarettes first appeared in first half of 20thcentury, as smoking was gaining popularity.  The first cigarettes making machines manufactured around 200 cigarettes per minute, modern state of the art machines make 9,000 cigarettes per minute. The commonness of smoking continued due to promotion of use of tobacco and this industry lobby influenced guidelines and policy making authorities with wealth and power. Mass production of cigarettes and its growing popularity helped these companies to amass huge fortune. During World War smoking became more common among allied troops as it was provided free to relieve tension and mental stress.

During the end of 20th century smoking cigarettes was restricted as people became aware of its ill health effects. Smoking prevalence rate in conventional market of North America and Western Europe have diminished. But smoking is gaining popularity in other parts like Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and previous Soviet Union.

Social Life

Tobacco smoking or chewing have been an integral part of social and cultural practice for long time. It was used in traditional rituals by Native Americans, as fiscal policy or exclusively used in coffeehouses at Europe in 18th century. A large section of world`s population engage in smoking in spite of knowing hazardous effects, because of the pleasure and gratification it brings. To some smoking may be synonymous to folly and recklessness but its intangible and unique qualities allure millions of smokers.

It is assumed tobacco originated from Native American culture. It was a tool for social bonding and ceremonial joys it played a very important role in their culture when compared to its function played in Europe and modern society. Tobacco with other narcotics was used in the native society in performing shamanistic rituals. Tobacco was generally smoked, but sometimes chewed, taken as snuff, drunk, even given as an enema. It was used by the Native Americans for medical or spiritual purpose.

A dab rig

A dab rig is a particular type of smoking pipe or bong used to smoke concentrates and oil as called dabbing. It involves two processes; first you have to light up to heat the nail (the surface area) before dabbing the concerted extract from the herb which is placed on the nail area. Once the herbs are heated, the vapor comes out through the mouthpiece and you can gulp it. Dab rigs under 50 are manufactured and designed out of glass and use water as filter in the pipe. Dabbing is an alternate and safer method than direct smoking.